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ThrowAway62378549 t1_iwpsos6 wrote

My Dad knows someone who owns CNN, he says they can't take toilet breaks unless they ask for the key.

And you act super busy so it makes them awkward to ask for the key. One time my dad said he acted way too busy and he say a woman poop himself all over his colleagues but luckily their was tarp on the floors and ground.

Edit: it's a joke, like "my dad owns nintendo". Except this is directed at the comment above me, kind of to show that he is being ridiculous so im just matching that energy but with an outrageous and near impossible scenario. LIKE WHY WOULD A LADY POOP ON PEOPLE WITH TARP ON GROUND?!


tronaldmcdump t1_iwpx6g1 wrote

Major my uncle works at Nintendo vibes here.


Agrakus t1_iwqccao wrote

My dad owns Reddit, you better delete this comment or I will get him to ban you.


ThrowAway62378549 t1_iws7qrf wrote

That's exactly the joke I was going for. Seemed like everyone else didn't pick up that low hanging fruit


CodeCat5 t1_iwpxznn wrote

I know a couple of people who have worked at CNN. They have normal restrooms just like any other office building. From what I've heard the biggest complaint is that many parts of the building need some serious maintenance.


elpajaroquemamais t1_iwpzpz0 wrote

So your dad Warner media