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Oregon687 t1_iwqka20 wrote

I want to wait to see how the user reviews are before I try it.


LilG1984 t1_iwr0kcs wrote

"I died peacefully, thank you!" 10/10

"It was nothing like the suicide booths from Futurama! 0/10"


TaserLord t1_iwqfmz3 wrote

I saw that pic and thought "wow, that's one cool-looking new EV. I'd love to take that for a test drive". But now that I know what it is, I don't want to anymore.


GetlostMaps t1_iwrfuus wrote

I've seen videos where Teslas on autopilot act pretty much like suicide pods.


BaddestReligion t1_iws4chi wrote

These look way cooler than tesla though. Also i bet the death is alot less firey, so I guess they both have their pros and cons.


Cyanopicacooki t1_iwqbmc8 wrote


reddit455 t1_iwqc1rw wrote

remove oxygen in favor or nitrogen.

really really hard to screw up.


The Sarco pod (also known as Pegasos and has been referred to as a "suicide pod"[1]) is a euthanasia device or machine consisting of a 3D-printed detachable capsule mounted on a stand that contains a canister of liquid nitrogen to die by suicide through inert gas asphyxiation. "Sarco" is short for "sarcophagus".[2][3] It is used in conjunction with an inert gas (nitrogen) which decreases oxygen levels rapidly which prevents panic, sense of suffocation and struggling before unconsciousness, known as the hypercapnic alarm response[4]: 45  caused by the presence of high carbon dioxide concentrations in the blood.[4] The Sarco was invented by euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke in 2017. Nitschke said in 2021 that he sought and received legal advice about the device's legality in Switzerland.[5]


ZY_Qing t1_iwtrj0a wrote

Too bad only terminally ill people can use it


Cynykl t1_iwyds5i wrote

I don't know why you are being downvoted. People who are in constant suffering should be able to end their lives too. Whether that suffering is mental of physical should not matter. All that should matter is they have no path to end the suffering as all forms of treatment have failed.


Half-Elite t1_iwxkebp wrote

What the fuck why does that exist and why would someone want to make a company based off of that product?


Cynykl t1_iwydz5l wrote

Because someone in pain should not be forced to experience pain for decades when there is a humane way to end that pain.


[deleted] t1_iwqde3q wrote



Kittenscute t1_iwqh4zg wrote

Sense of isolation for privacy I suppose. The pod is supposed to remove medical professionals from the equation as much as possible.