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BathroomCareful23 t1_iwqr6wq wrote

All I can say is "duh"


xotyc OP t1_iwqr8hq wrote

Very duh.


ZoeLaMort t1_iwr370e wrote

The result might seems obvious, but I have a few instances when talking about redistributing wealth where such a study would be useful.

All the people saying that "money doesn't buy happiness" or that try to put value in work (typically, to oppose raising wages), not to mention those who are so rich they end up being completely out-of-touch.


Elmodogg t1_iwrm41k wrote

Money doesn't buy happiness, but it sure can buy food and shelter. Try being happy without either of those.


officialTigerRose t1_iwqtlxd wrote

We needed a study for this ??


xotyc OP t1_iwqtqjg wrote

Exactly. Apparently they had "wealthy donors," so perhaps those knuckleheads couldn't figure it out for themselves...


Dragonlicker69 t1_iwqy01a wrote

I always think of the Hawthorne study where they were trying to find the most efficient lighting and accidentally discovered that workers are more motivated when their boss talks to them like they're people.


xotyc OP t1_iwqye5e wrote

Holy shit what a revelation?! Sometimes common sense and common decency really is the answer. Who knew?!


Dragonlicker69 t1_iwqyqk5 wrote

Not industrialists apparently. I always keep that in mind to remind myself the people running companies are idiots a lot of the time.


rangeDSP t1_iwr7nye wrote

IIRC the human element wasn't considered much between the 19th / 20th century (after the industrial revolution). Studies were all about making the factory more efficient, they thought that workers wouldn't work much harder even if you treat them well.

Studies like that is what started changing the mindset of factory/business owners.


who_you_are t1_iwr44ah wrote

I don't think the wealthy donors are the one to bash here. They are likely to know about it (and a study will write it down as a proof), they may like funding a type of study, or they are just usually good donators for research.

If they would be one of those Elon, I'm pretty sure it would never been published or we will read a news laughing at Elon for being a donor.


DanHero91 t1_iwqtsde wrote

I'd like to volunteer for a follow up study to prove this.


xotyc OP t1_iwqtw0i wrote

Right? It seems shaky to me. Better expand the N to make absolutely sure.


jayfeather31 t1_iwqs014 wrote

It took them a study to realize that? Oy vey...


xotyc OP t1_iwqsicp wrote

They spent someone else's money to run this study! I wonder how it affected their happiness...


masterpupil t1_iwqwea7 wrote

I dont buy it someone send me money


xotyc OP t1_iwqwgpl wrote

Exactly, we need to expand the N here.


mcboogerballs1980 t1_iwqub94 wrote

No shit, getting money makes people happy? Maybe next they can do something to figure out whether or not the sun is hot. The world is waiting with bated breath.


xotyc OP t1_iwquksg wrote

I dunno man, the results here seem shaky... They need more participants in a follow up. I nominate everyone in this sub.


No_Candidate8696 t1_iwqugha wrote

But can it buy them love?

Edit: I'm not sure everyone has heard:


xotyc OP t1_iwquov4 wrote

I believe it's been statistically proven that money cannot, in fact, buy love. But sign me up for the study aimed at giving people money to find out.


eighty2angelfan t1_iwqvngu wrote

Money can buy confidence and content for many that recognize it's value. Confidence and contentment are attractive features to a mate. So in a way, yes.


Elmodogg t1_iwrmkpp wrote

Perhaps they ought to have studied how cash transfers from rich to poor can increase the happiness of the rich.

It works that way, too.

See, e.g., Dickens A Christmas Carol.


xotyc OP t1_iwrpqok wrote

Ooo I like this. Follow up study!


Dandibear t1_iwqxph7 wrote

It seems obvious, yes. But studies like this are important to make sure that what we think we're seeing is what we're really seeing, and that there isn't some important nuance being missed.

It's not glamorous, but this kind of research protects the integrity of our scientific knowledge.


DoctaMario t1_iwqy337 wrote

The fuck? They had to study this? Lol


db720 t1_iwr2u7c wrote

I'm not sure how true this is. Please can a rich person validate by sending money to me. I accept Venmo and bags of quarters


bad10th t1_iwrbanu wrote

I did a study and found out studies can be manipulated, over-hyped, made up, and here we are.


tinnickels t1_iwsfrmn wrote

This is clearly serious and important research. I mean, they have graphs and everything!


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_iwsgc8f wrote

They really had to do a study to find out people like money?


ThatOneGayDJ t1_iwsiw13 wrote

I think rich people are just so full of themselves that they think since having money doesnt help with all their first world “catastrophes” (spilling a drink, stuck in traffic, package is late, etc.), clearly money doesnt make you happier. They dont have problems money would fix because they have money, so they dont understand how that works.


Nuker-79 t1_iwquq4b wrote

No Shit Sherlock!


DrunkenOlympian t1_iwqvhmp wrote

Well I'm glad you're here to tell us these things. Chewie take the professor in the back and plug him into the hyperdrive!


PoeJam t1_iwr373r wrote

Interesting to note that the control group got happier after the cash receiving group ran out of that money.


BorisPotosme t1_iwr87o7 wrote

Well, so far the cash transfer from poor to rich is making the rich.... richer.

Also, the sun is hot.


moon_then_mars t1_iwrj086 wrote

Attractive people having sex with ugly people can increase happiness of ugly people.


xotyc OP t1_iwrj4cp wrote

We may need a study to prove this one too...


jackofslayers t1_iwsbe24 wrote

While this is super duh. It is legit important to have statistical data to back up obvious ideas.

The fall back of every idiot I have known is “This is obvious, You don’t need proof for obvious things”

Helps to show that even the most obvious shit can be and is backed up.


DeadFyre t1_iwsu7kg wrote

Free money would make me happy too.


Comfortable-Clerk209 t1_iwt32av wrote

How much money was spent on that study? Enough to make a poor person happy, I bet


Unsubstantiated_Fork t1_iwt9za9 wrote

is this the same study that found that money increases a person's happiness up until you receive about $70,000-$80,000 a year and after that point more money does not make a difference?

once a person has some stability built up, a little cushion in the bank, and a comfortable lifestyle, only then can you say, "money doesn't buy happiness."


JethroFire t1_ix1zqye wrote

If I was getting a bunch of money I didn't have to do any work for, I'm sure I'd be happy, too.


boggstown t1_iwqvkbq wrote

The RESET is coming