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loldonkimo OP t1_iwrlx89 wrote

David, what was it about the £150million they gave you that made you form this view?


catala_emprenyat t1_iws0t1q wrote

"I'm a billionaire, yes. But I would give it all for just a little bit more."


WFStarbuck t1_iwtn3cz wrote

It includes his check which he tolerates.


Nop277 t1_iwu2iga wrote

He has included it with the rest of his money.


Illustrious-Home-464 t1_iwt7w1y wrote

David Beckham is facing further criticism for his role as an ambassador for Qatar after claiming the World Cup would be a platform for progress, inclusivity and tolerance.


omally_360 t1_iws2jxj wrote

Yes, and you would do the same if you were in his shoes.


Shaquandala t1_iwss8tr wrote

Would I give it up for alot of money? Yes, would I when I already have a billion? No I already have a shit ton of money


Viper_JB t1_iwuogzt wrote

I mean if you were uneducated and spent most of the formative years of your life with a bunch of other sweaty men in locker rooms then...maybe I guess.


squirt619 t1_iws6ax9 wrote



omally_360 t1_iwsdxgt wrote

Sure you wouldn’t.


Magic_Man_Boobs t1_iwsvy1i wrote

Just because enough money would make you compromise your morals doesn't mean everyone is as weak willed as you are.


Klaus0225 t1_iwtaghf wrote

If I were in his shoes? Absolutely not. I’d already have more than enough to last my family generations. Would not be worth the compromise. If I were in my current shoes somehow getting this offer? Absolutely yes.


Nop277 t1_iwu2yi0 wrote

If I were in my current shoes I would deffintely take the money knowing I'm taking 150 million dollars to be an ambassador which is to them, essentially worthless. I'm pretty sure half the people I have sway over don't even know what or where Qatar is, or have any interest in soccer for that matter.


Hecticfreeze t1_iwshqg3 wrote

Promote slavery and hatred? There's not enough money in the world. I don't think I'm a particularly great person but that is a hard line for me


Klaus0225 t1_iwtajgy wrote

I’d go promote it for 150m. No one knows who I am anyways so it wouldn’t have much of an affect.


Dudelison t1_iwttp9y wrote

I would probably say yes in MY shoes, because I don't have millions of dollars in my shoes, in their shoes you should have the luxury to pass on a couple of million.


goliathfasa t1_iwsyce8 wrote

Folks. Come on. Go easy on the guy.

All they’re saying is that if they were offered the money, they’d do the same.


omally_360 t1_iwuictc wrote

Yes, that’s all I am saying, although I probably said it in a rather cross way. Do I support A World Cup in Qatar? Absolutely a million times NO.

But for 150 million I could probably say, which may or may not be true (hopefully the former), that hosting there perhaps will progress the country at least a little bit.

That is the hope anyway. That this World Cup opens the regimes eyes.

I just think it’s unlikely that the majority of average reddit user would just turn down that kind of money for basicslly minimum work.

But good for them, I have to add.


Daikataro t1_iwt7il9 wrote

I think he's rich enough that 150 millions is not worth it...


JohnHolts_Huge_Rasta t1_iwuwmzb wrote

Well i would not if i had billion worth of wealth already. But sucking Qatars cock seems to be something he enjoys


BeepBeepWhistle t1_iwrmsgs wrote

Roses are red, violets are blue.. pay me enough cash and I’ll sell my soul too..


HendoJay t1_iwrswyg wrote

I'll be honest, for that kind of money I think I would do it too.

He probably doesn't need the cash though.


go_comatose_for_me t1_iwrvbim wrote

That's the thing. You or I would probably momentarily ignore our values for life changing money. But these guys don't have that excuse.


Frowdo t1_iwsily5 wrote

Assuming they didn't get to where they are by ignoring principles in the first place.


Darzok t1_iwutd3u wrote

I hate to say it but for 150m i would say that total bs as well knowing it was a lie. That been said once the money is mine and there no longer able to do shit i would be open about saying it for the 150m and call them out on the bs.


hairyswampmoose t1_iwuduvm wrote

I would do and spent rest of my life in luxury, but this geezer is already loaded and had no real needs to do it his shit


Berkut22 t1_iwu0oji wrote

People who get to that level of obscene wealth don't see cash as a currency anymore, it's a high score. It's a status symbol.

They treat it like a dragon sitting on it's hoard of gold.


[deleted] t1_iwua3pv wrote



Cautemoc t1_iwvh1o7 wrote

Now imagine you are already a billionaire and the place you're asked to lie about is literally using slave labor to build the place you will play a game in.


MansfromDaVinci t1_iwsi648 wrote

"Two decades ago a small group of football lovers from Qatar with nothing but a dream, $335 billion dollars, and a complete disregard for human rights, dared to dream a fantastic dream: that they could bring the greatest football show on earth to their home country and to the Middle East for the very first time"


MansfromDaVinci t1_iwsxzqr wrote


“And now, 6500 dead labourers later, we are here. Because when dreams, and third world desperation, are harnessed and mixed with dedication, and hard working slaves, they are no longer dreams. They become reality."


agoia t1_iwt9mng wrote

"We welcome everyone to our lush and inviting land! ...that definitely is not so inherently hostile that we had to move the whole event so that spectators and competitors would not die like the brave workers who built the magnificent stadiums.


FlatSpinMan t1_iwtxwhw wrote

Truly inspiring. Would you come to my school to address the students?


MansfromDaVinci t1_iwuat70 wrote

Sure! My passion is inspiring young minds! 150,000 flat fee, if there are questions afterwards it's another 10,000 per question.


boozegremlin t1_iwrpv1j wrote

Bend it (the truth) like Beckham


QuestionableAI t1_iws5bz4 wrote

Why does every rich dude turn into an utter mouth-breathing baboon? It is just the millions in pays off for that shite? Probably.


Rosebunse t1_iws5qat wrote

He has said that he's a royalist. The guy is rich and in an ivory tower. And maybe even more than that, this is his sport, the thing that gave him his wealth and his family. Plus, he's probably got money invested in this.


mailordermonster t1_iww54v4 wrote

"The secret of a great success for which you are at a loss to account is a crime that has never been found out, because it was properly executed." Balzac

Or to put it more simply - "behind every great fortune lies a great crime"

You don't get to be a multi-millionaire/billionaire by being nice and following the rules. If we actually rewarded people for being a benefit to society then teachers, social workers, etc... would be the rich ones.


Jingleheimer_smyth t1_iwrn013 wrote

How much was he paid to say that


Important_Muffin_212 t1_iwrnvyt wrote

As above…. Apparently they paid him £150M to be the face of the World Cup. The bloke will do anything for phat money!


ddt70 t1_iwrqdfg wrote

So that’s about £1,000 per dead itinerant worker?


Important_Muffin_212 t1_iwrrtyk wrote

Not quite…..

A reported 6500 workers tragically died. Divided by £150,000,000 = £23,076 each. Nice work if you can get it.


ddt70 t1_iwrs1jt wrote

Yes you’re right.

I thought the number was around 15,000…… so even on that basis I was out by a factor of 10.

Back to school for me!


Important_Muffin_212 t1_iwrsl7x wrote

Well, either way, it’s a bent World Cup paid for with suitcases full of cash to a load of greedy old men. Think I’ll give it a swerve.


ddt70 t1_iwrsxik wrote

Yes, me too. I’m sick of everything being reduced to merely a dollar value.


agoia t1_iwt9ubo wrote

I doubt that anyone will ever know the true number of workers that died for WC2022. It's like trying to quantify Russian soldier losses during the invasion of Ukraine.


TucsonTacos t1_iwsklg0 wrote

Wasn’t this the World Cup that was expected to go to England that he campaigned for? Or was that the Russian World Cup?


Sublimed4 t1_iws18is wrote

Shill it like Beckham.


ddt70 t1_iwrq0wl wrote

Speaking of platforms….. why does he have one?

I ask that sincerely….. apart from football and being easy on the eye, what exactly is it that he has to say that is of any importance to anything?

Yes I know that in a vacuous world of Kardashians, he’s not the worst….. but we really need to get a grip on how stupid and baseless we are becoming.


simplejack89 t1_iwsk0y0 wrote

Why does anybody take what any celeb says seriously?


provocative_bear t1_iwszhha wrote

Well, he does soccer, and this is about a soccer venue, so it's a little relevant. Not saying that he wasn't totally bought for 150 million by Qatar, but it's not like they got a Kardashian to promote their little slave-built soccer game.


CinnamonBlue t1_iwtibxr wrote

Football was his saving grace. If it wasn’t for that, who knows what he would have done


KFCConspiracy t1_iwv6a76 wrote

This is probably the one place he SHOULD have a platform since he's an expert on soccer. Now, I think what he said is stupid as fuck and he was clearly paid to say it.


Leadantagonist t1_iwvan4n wrote

It’s a soccer player talking about soccer?? And he doesn’t have a platform he has a brand. His band as one of the most famous soccer players of all time. Again taking about soccer.

Hello? I see where you were trying to go, but you didn’t even think about it a little?


ReadAllAboutIt92 t1_iws3au0 wrote

Looks like Joe Lycett’s going to be shredding that £10K


EcchiOli t1_iws4i6z wrote

Reminds me of that delightfully amusing news story from 2016.

The Robert E. Lee elementary school, in Texas, USA, launched a poll to determine which new name it should adopt, a name that would reflect modern values of tolerance and inclusivity.

Well, quoting ,

> Among the suggestions for the school were Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance

It's as convincing as Beckham's current point.


schizolicious t1_iwso5t3 wrote

Mother fucker can bend reality too it seems


wabashcanonball t1_iwswg68 wrote

Sellout. I’m so frikin’ sick of sellouts. It’s as if having money makes one’s integrity and morals just up and disappear.


whyhercules t1_iwsitk9 wrote

>“Qatar dreamed of bringing the World Cup to a place that it had never been before, but that it wouldn’t be enough just to achieve things on the pitch,” he said. “The pitch would be a platform for progress.”
>He also said: “Dreams can come true. That is why you are here. You share Generation Amazing’s [Qatar-backed youth festival in Doha] twin passions for the game of football and for making the world a more tolerant and inclusive place.
>However, Beckham said Qatar and its ambassadors were changing lives for the better.: “Every one of the great players I was lucky enough to play with started exactly the same way,” he said. “In a back garden, park, or a street outside their home with just a ball and an imagination that they dared to let run wild.
>“Almost two decades ago a small group of football lovers from Qatar had an equally fantastic dream: that they could bring the greatest football show on earth to their home country and to the Middle East for the very first time.
>“And now we are here. Because when dreams are harnessed and mixed with dedication and hard work, they are no longer dreams. They become reality.”
>He added: “I want to say to all of you, ‘today is your day to dream’. Because there are no limits to what you and your teammates can achieve in our beautiful game.
>“Even before this festival kicks off, more than a million lives have been touched to create an inspirational global community of coaches, educators and new young leaders. It all began as a dream. That is now yours. So please be inspired and pass it on.”

That's the things Beckham said as quoted in the article, the parts from the headline seem to come from the first two paragraphs, his introduction, which I've bolded. The context is that this was a speech aimed at kids from a Middle East and non-footballing background who want to play football.


coolluck33 t1_iwsmorw wrote

David, you best hope that the Qatar Morals police don't catch u drinking whatever it was that made u lose your damn mind..


-Dalzik- t1_iwt11i3 wrote

What's next for Beckham, a crypto commercial?


laalhambra t1_iwt44d0 wrote

Inclusivity of homophobes and intolerant pricks.


ja_maz t1_iwtaa6l wrote

The problem with listening to successful soccer players. They stopped studying in middle school and money is all they know/care about. Not the best role models.


stu8018 t1_iwtbgdy wrote

Yes they killed 6500 workers from many countries building that crap. Gimmie a break.


Robiwan05 t1_iwtbx99 wrote

I won't tolerate Qatar or their world cup. Fuck your religion and Fuck your status quo.


GreasyWerker118 t1_iwrromx wrote

I thought that was a Beaverton headline at first glance


mala27369 t1_iws1vzm wrote

Wonder how much he got paid for that lie?


LostBoyz007 t1_iwsv2qp wrote

I'm sorry I couldn't hear you. Could you take all the cash out of your mouth


AbradolfLincler77 t1_iwsxsay wrote

I never had much respect for Beckham, the sell out that he is and I definitely have none anymore.


ukexpat t1_iwtd1yk wrote

Beckham is a sellout and can go fuck himself.


Hsensei t1_iwtszn9 wrote

That check must have had plenty of zeros


Reali5t t1_iwtzlhz wrote

One will say such shit when one is paid a whole lot of money to say such shit.


Heckin_Ryn t1_iwu6y5y wrote

David Beckham cashes comically oversized check


Jebus_UK t1_iwu92a4 wrote

LOL - what a shill


isleepdickup t1_iwuiflo wrote

To be fair, he is very very stupid.


MrEntropy44 t1_iwv9tkh wrote

Please, Rich straight cis white guy who only knows how to kick balls, Share more of your wisdom.


leapdayjose t1_iwshays wrote

Lmao. Does he mean that it's a chance for them to learn how to tolerate and include outside tourists and standards of operations?


trdamateur t1_iwszehh wrote

Yeah for money hungry fake ass mofo


bluebook21 t1_iwt7rdp wrote

Well , he'd certainly know if it wasn't. I mean being from a traditionally marginalized group, and all.


TandroSonali t1_iwt9m4f wrote

Wow, just shut up about it at least. Enjoy your money, don't embarrass yourself.


micro012 t1_iwtfska wrote

he'd hot and his passes are on fire but have you heard him speak?


MotorFly71 t1_iwtjm2a wrote

He was paid £150,000,000 by Qatar. He can fuck right off.


Budgiesaurus t1_iwu08dq wrote

That's a bald faced lie!

He is going to get paid 150 million, but it's spread over 10 years. So it's more like a salary, just like a regular joe!



cyrixlord t1_iwtkuoe wrote

someone got paid like congress did from tobacco companies saying smoking was healthy


Ozi_izO t1_iwtkvaj wrote

I guess he likes money then...


ZeroAfro t1_iwu0uvr wrote

Qatar and "inclusivity and tolerance" don't go together. Lol


hollyjazzy t1_iwu2348 wrote

What planet is he on?


Doghead_sunbro t1_iwu6j0s wrote

Guess Joe Lycett is going to shred that 10k after all


lookatmahfeet t1_iwubrie wrote

Not very tolerant of beer drinkers...


AC_Zeno t1_iwuebzj wrote

Qatar is very inclusive of the things that they tolerate.

Which isn’t much.


show_me_what_you-got t1_iwuglbn wrote

What a bellend. Had much respect for not queue jumping when paying respects to the Queen (unlike some of our other ‘national treasures’) but to say shit like this is fucking ridiculous!


bsnimunf t1_iwugw1z wrote

Beckham's going to regret taking that money from Qatar. Yeas its a shit load of money and he's got to pay for Posh and Brooklyns fake careers but he was loaded anyway that extra money means nothing to him. He had a solid reputation which obviously means alot to him and that's probably gone now.


glovefatboy t1_iwuisjp wrote

When England won the world cup in 1966, homosexuality was a criminal offence in the UK.


OldBob10 t1_iwuxubw wrote

Sooner or later, every paid shill ends up looking like an ass.


fabregazzzz t1_iwv4h3n wrote

It is. The whole world don't share the same culture. LGBT is not acceptable in a lot of countries.


Throwawayiea t1_iwvctud wrote

David Beckham just ruined his international reputation. Qatar for inclusivity and tolerance is the biggest joke yet!


Trelogan t1_iwvjpzk wrote

Maybe David should get a sponsorship deal with specsavers


reddit_random_user_2 t1_iwvy899 wrote

They will probably throw all gay people off the roof of the stadium in that country. Muslims there are not as "left" leaning as they are in western countries, and their religion has something special to say about LGBT folks. Stay cautious. Stay vigilant. Don't unfurl rainbow flags and shout woke stuff. Happy footballing!

Also, don't say anything about climate change or global warming. They might get offended by that too.


[deleted] t1_iwywry2 wrote

David Beckham is full of shite is what he is.


xaviertravel t1_ix2zr8i wrote

Something went missing in this ‘look forward to visiting Qatar when it has fulfilled all the human rights pledges it made” when it became the tournament’s host.’ Pests go bk to how it ended up being in Qatar in the first place - via votes


Kinenai t1_iwtcaey wrote

Lebron James is Bri'ish?


CaptainC0medy t1_iwu3noy wrote

So you would press a button that wpuld give you 1 million but kill 1 person, but you think david beckham getting 150 million to say some words is terrible?


SF-Samara t1_iwua7u1 wrote

Interesting, all I see coming out of his mouth is are cocks .


Anaistrocas t1_iwu9l4j wrote

How inclusive have other WC been?