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hypatiatextprotocol t1_iwxs4ol wrote

Oh, I get it: the two wrestlers are competing together as a team.


Akanan t1_iwxwpcw wrote

Can somebody tell him they do drug test at the Olympic.


capthazelwoodsflask t1_iwy60kq wrote

Yeah but if everyone is on steroids they wouldn’t just disqualify everyone would they?


Jyxxer t1_iwyngit wrote

WWE has stepped up their drug testing in recent decades.


Sinfullyvannila t1_ix0dlr0 wrote

Anything is a step up from literally shaming their wrestlers on air for going off steroids.


LittleShrub t1_iwy0bfi wrote

Wrestling is an Olympic sport though.


Ketheres t1_iwyiw7u wrote

But it's not the same as pro wrestling, which is basically just dancing/acting that looks like wrestling.


Skripka t1_iwz5iyp wrote

In real life it really doesn’t. It looks fake as fuck outside of the preselected camera filming positions. I’ve had to work a couple WWE shows and I had to resist laughing for how fake it looked and how seriously the crowd took it.


fte5838 t1_iwygmz5 wrote

Wrestling has already argued in court that it's not a sport.


dumesne t1_iwyrcsa wrote

Nor is breakdancing but it's in the olympics


slappy47 t1_iwz7oex wrote

Breakdancing is a sport though. Breakdancing has its own competitions since the early 90s late 80s. Judges and all. The 2 big ones are battle of the year and redbull. Thats why its going to be an easy transition in the olympics. Theres already established competitive rules and judging in place.


dumesne t1_iwzba4k wrote

Competition doesn't equal sport. There are dancing competitions of many types, doesn't make those dances sports. They're dances.


slappy47 t1_iwzcnka wrote

But it is. Two people or two teams trying to one up each other using physical and athletic ability. Sounds like you just dont want to accept as such.


dumesne t1_iwzjxbr wrote

Two people or teams dancing. Because it's a dance.


slappy47 t1_iwznbxp wrote

Its a sport. Its two people or teams COMPETING. Not just dancing, but actual competition. Just admit that you cant accept it cause you dont know jack shit about it.


dumesne t1_ix017m4 wrote

Many things involve competition that aren't sports. Including dancing competitions of all types.


slappy47 t1_ix0c5i8 wrote

It takes physical, athletic, and mental ability to compete. You dont get to say what it is or isnt when you don't know shit about it.


Meadmanmike t1_iwz3p38 wrote

Jericho is arguing that it's a performance sport like figure skating or gymnastic routines. Which... yes.. yes pro wrestling is exactly that.


hiricinee t1_iwyii0k wrote

I like it, the problem with Jericho's premise is that all of the aesthetic sports can usually be simplified into a few "moves" that get scored. As much fun as it is seeing a perfectly executed dropkick, powerbomb, clothesline, etc, theres waaaaay too much variety for it to get in there.

Also consider this-- it is about as rare to be a WWE champ as it is to be an olympic gold medalist. With a few exceptions the title is given to exceptional performers who are highly competitive to work their way up the rankings, and even the exceptions tend to be highly talented in their own right.


Enzown t1_iwym1zo wrote

Would the gold medal go to the wrestlers who put on the best match?


hiricinee t1_iwymxv3 wrote

Right but now it gets INCREDIBLY subjective. Not that the aesthetic events aren't subjective at all, but usually its a series of moves that are scored based on execution and landing. You're going to score a guy based on how nuts he can make the crowd go?

Itd be pointless anyways. They already have the subjective scoring system, its the ratings for their programming. Is the IOC going to have a panel for scoring pro wrestling promos?

By the way, I'm a MASSIVE pro wrestling fan, but olympic pro would have to be so watered down it would be boring as hell. How long can the matches be? What moves are legal? Whats the degree of difficulty on the moves? Often the most technically difficult wrestling moves aren't the most impressive. Is every match going to boil down to a 110 lb guy doing a shooting star press?


ArrestDeathSantis t1_iwz6r05 wrote

>but usually its a series of moves that are scored based on execution and landing. You're going to score a guy based on how nuts he can make the crowd go?

I'm not even a fan of wrestling but it seems to me that you could just rate the wrestlers on their moves in very much the same way figure skaters are, with some relatively minor adaptations.

I could see wrestlers coming with a choreography, pen it down for the judges then execute it in front of them while the judges note things like air time, form on landings and the credibility of the hits.


hiricinee t1_iwzvz4f wrote

Right that's the plan it'd be SUPER boring.


Bikrdude t1_iwz2etu wrote

All Olympic sports that are based on judges scores are incredibly subjective. So no difference from that perspective.


typewriter6986 t1_ix29g3k wrote

" Is the IOC going to have a panel for scoring pro wrestling promos?"
Are you suggesting, sir, that the cream does NOT rise to the top?


hiricinee t1_ix2a9t4 wrote

Perhaps that the IOC is incapable of scoring an event so great as the cream rising to the top.


SoulsTransition t1_iwxsw6j wrote

I do not like wwe style wrestling. I would 100% support this as an Olympic sport. Wrestlers never get the credit of the absolutely insane intensity, complexity, care, and stamina it takes to pit on a show like that!


Squirrel_Master82 t1_iwy1ngu wrote

There's one major problem though. The Olympics test for steroids.


LangyMD t1_iwy6bq9 wrote

That just means the pro wrestlers who wrestle at the Olympics would have to be clean. That's not a bad thing.


NoesHowe2Spel t1_iwy1yfk wrote

I'm sick of people who try and make arguments like this to try and justify it as a "sport". It's not a sport. The best comparison for pro wrestlers is Hollywood stunt doubles.


arkofjoy t1_iwyjtqj wrote

A friend who used to do tech for the shows described them as "opera for the common man"


ryobiguy t1_iwyadtj wrote

One definition of a sport is: "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment."

How does wrestling fall short of that definition?


skaliton t1_iwyc746 wrote

>competes against another or others

I'm going to say right here. They aren't there competing to be the best. You'd end up having to treat it like any other 'entertainment' sport. You'd have to strip out most of the moves (because they are too dangerous) and really think of objective criteria to decide what the 'best' suplex is


Beyond that there is another glaring problem: The Olympics generally focus on sports that people around the world tend to play. Outside of rednecks and teenagers in the US the only other place it is 'big' uses a VERY different set of rules


Sentsuizan t1_iwyzssc wrote

They are competing to be the best. The difference is the criteria is more how loud the crowd cheers/boos you.


skaliton t1_ix0wdfb wrote

and surely that has nothing to do with the 'story' and how charismatic someone is rather than their ability to do a move


Sentsuizan t1_ix0wj9l wrote

It has a lot to do with their ability to do a move, particularly without killing themselves or their opponent. Nobody likes a dangerous worker


slappy47 t1_iwz84ax wrote

That last part is a terribly misguided assumption.


hypatiatextprotocol t1_iwyerow wrote

Bernard Suits, philosopher of games and gaming, defined sport as "the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles."

I think the definition we really lack is, "What makes an Olympic sport?"


SapientSausage t1_iwykes8 wrote

Please correct me... But it's all planned out. Pro wrestling doesn't have competition except for popularity through being famous and infamous. It has choreography like some sports-- but there isn't a single true physical competition between pro wrestlers


PetoPerceptum t1_iwyut79 wrote

And Jericho isn't suggesting that it is. He is suggesting that it should be looked at and scored in the same way that gymnastics, figure skating, or diving is.


DiabeticUnicorns t1_iwyt43z wrote

I’m sure they would make some kind of pair routine, where your routine is compared to other pair’s routines. It also really wouldn’t be that different from Floor Exercise, a competition that is in fact at the Olympics, and is basically a combination gymnastic display and dance routine.


Terror_Raisin24 t1_iwy7oxc wrote

How do you define 'sport'? You have to be physically fit, you have to practice the moves for years. You don't have to like wrestling to recognize this. Wrestling has the show-part, so it isn't "just" sports, but also show, but it doesn't loose the sports-part because of the addition of entertainment. If you look at figure skating, they also wear specific clothing, use music and tell a story in their performance. If you see ice skating couples in a romantic dance performance, you know they are not really in love. There's a lot of "show" aspects in all sports.


Theeclat t1_iwxtgao wrote

I am right there with you. I might even like it as they would most likely lose the story lines.


ApexSimon t1_iwxx29p wrote

I dont know. Maybe keep em, and that's the judging. You have the defeat storyline, and the victor storyline. Only the wrestlers know which, and they improv it. Youll have dramatic comebacks, close calls, people fake dying.. this sounds amazing.


GetlostMaps t1_iwxyvhs wrote

This is entirely legit. If synchronised swimming is a sport, so is this.


open_door_policy t1_iwxupyz wrote

Wait, figure skating is scripted?


GetlostMaps t1_iwxyyqg wrote

It's choreographed. It's a dance. Basically the same.


Enzown t1_iwylzy1 wrote

It would only be "basically the same" if all of the athletes were told beforehand who would win the medals and then they competed in way to ensure that pre-determined outcome took place.


GetlostMaps t1_iwyo5yc wrote

Maybe you're missing how this would work. It's a pairs event. Both of them are competing together. It doesn't matter who "wins" the wrestling - the two of them are the one competitor. Like a synchronised swimming team.


slappy47 t1_iwz7tyf wrote

In pro wrestling, its not about who wins the match but how they get to that conclusion.


sg3niner t1_iwy1ro0 wrote

I've been saying this for years.

I mean, fucking Dressage is an Olympic "sport"

Why shouldn't this be.


ohterere t1_iwycxg5 wrote

He's not wrong.


ApexSimon t1_iwxwh56 wrote

Opening Ceremonies RAW


DirtStarWars t1_iwy113j wrote

Maybe he should learn that it is the International Olympic Committee first.


dongorras t1_iwyipmb wrote

No, he wants to go first with the Community. Then, with their support, he'll go with the Committee. /s


habajaba69 t1_iwy187y wrote

Better than synchronized swimming.


thegreatdelusionist t1_iwykkfv wrote

Honestly, would make the Olympics 1000% better. Although they're "competing", the escalation of complexity and difficulty of moves would make them jaw-dropping. Kinda like comparing old gymnast videos to current champions when the Soviets started showing off. And we could actually have real Iron Sheiks from Saudi Arabia. Real sumo wrestlers from Japan, and whatever planet Gold Dust came from.


londoncatvet t1_iwz17s5 wrote

I think this is actually a better argument for excluding Olympic sports where judging determines the outcome. A form of reductio ad absurdum. Subjectivity doesn't belong in sports.


matapuwili t1_ix1nscg wrote

I never thought about this before but your comment is the most sensible.


FleetAdmiralPopcorn t1_iwxt8do wrote

Hope you have the money to make the IOC look the other way on all the doping.


[deleted] t1_iwy3z9s wrote



LangyMD t1_iwy6e26 wrote

By scoring it similarly to figure skating? On difficulty and coolness of maneuvers, etc.


buckyhermit t1_iwyp121 wrote

Not sure if it's fair comparison, because you don't do profanity-laden promos in figure skating or gymnastics.

Although that would be entertaining as hell to see.

"You jabronis and your triple-axles have nothing AND THE ROCK MEANS NOTHING on the People's choreography. And now you can take that skate, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways and stick it straight up your candy a– [transmission cuts out]"


SayNoToStim t1_iwywnad wrote

This is the dumbest idea I've ever heard that I completely agree with.


coyote-1 t1_iwywqjk wrote

The “two people“ bit is the problem. Without Fred Blassy or Lou Albano or the Grand Wizard, it just isn’t pro wrestling


[deleted] t1_iwz1oyh wrote



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Meadmanmike t1_iwz4dk7 wrote

I don't think that the good name of professional wrestling needs to be sullied with the taint of the Olympics.


Meadmanmike t1_iwzkody wrote

If it's a sport to jump over a bar with a stick, then it's a sport when you jump off a ladder and moonsault another person's body through a table.


1337ingDisorder t1_iwzvoef wrote

The Olympics already has an event called "Wrestling" so this would have to be added with a more specific name, like "Performative Wrestling"

I think they should do it, but also add Performative versions of all the other events they already have.

Performative Javelin, for example, and Performative Hockey could be especially entertaining.


Linktank t1_ix0ltal wrote

Let's make NASCAR an olympic sport too! YEEEHAW!!! /s


Rosebunse t1_ix0s627 wrote

I don't know, racing can be quite physical. If sports like sledding and horse riding are Olympic sports, I think car racing should be considered.


muxidigest t1_ix139ry wrote

Competitive sports are not scripted Mr. Jericho.


Kraken160th t1_ix20z8z wrote

Wrestling is already soo subjective what would the score cards look like?


Dye_Harder t1_iwxz33a wrote

Oh so that's what his wife was doing at the capital jan 6th..


Modnal t1_iwyjkw5 wrote

I rather have chess boxing in the Olympics than pro wrestling


Meadmanmike t1_iwz429y wrote

They say opinions can't be wrong and then you see something like this.


Modnal t1_iwzdobq wrote

I don't want it in the olympics but it's still more of a sport than pro wrestling


Meadmanmike t1_iwzkfgz wrote

No one is arguing that it's a sport, that's just something you're hung up about (though it would be the only sports entertainment). However sports aren't the only competitive events at the Olympics. Professional wrestling would be a performance like rings, floor routines, ribbon routines, sychronized swimming, figure skating, etc.. Also, the Olympics has an event where rich people dance around on their horses, so it isn't like we should take the Olympics super seriously anyway.


Modnal t1_iwzl9af wrote

Haha sure, it would more be like unsynchronized swimming


stu8018 t1_iwyprui wrote

Well those events don't have predetermined winners following a script so there's that.


Meadmanmike t1_iwz4kvr wrote

Gymnastics routines, synchronized swimming routines, figure skating routines, dressage routines are all choreographed as well. So there's that.


stu8018 t1_iwzyjv5 wrote

They are judged by professionals and scored. Pro wresting is a show with script and a "winner". It's acting and NOT a competition. Acting will never be sport and has no place in sport. It's a show, not a competition so there's THAT.


Meadmanmike t1_ix03vqo wrote

If it were only acting you'd have a point. And if it were an Olympic event it would be judged by Olympic judges based on metrics set by a committee. Acting can also be a competition, mind you. Auditions for example. Other non sporting events can also be competitions; Video games, dancing, music, etc.. You really aren't making any salient arguments here.

Seems like you're just having fun being a hater.


stu8018 t1_ix0fifs wrote

You are ignoring salient arguments here and speaking in hypotheticals. Pro wrestling is a show riddled with illegal anabolic steroids and GH. It is not a sport. It is a spectacle at every level with no legitimate sanctioning sports entity. The winners, belts, titles and everything else is nothing but a show. You fail to accept this and make false equivalencies to make a point littered with logical fallacies. I've been a pro wrestling fan since 1975. I promise I know much more on this subject than you. Hater nope, realist yes. Accept it for what it is and what it is NOT.


GimmickInfringement1 t1_iwz13d0 wrote

I think a good idea for that concept would be that instead of doing pinfalls and submissions, the contest is put to a time limit and based off a score. Submissions wouldn't end the match, but if you pick one up it would be a huge amount of points and a scored rest period for the team that earns it.


Top_Shoe_9562 t1_iwy6y7l wrote

Might as well label Fox News as news then.


Meanderingversion t1_iwyhqef wrote

These firecrackers are Chinese Biden cat killers!!

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