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sprint6864 t1_iwz21qt wrote

Last Week Tonight did an episode on this years ago. Journalists and reporters were trying to bring all of this to light for years. Heck, even the recent beer 'controversey' was covered because FIFA does it every damn time. FIFA should realistically be disbanded and reconstructed from the ground up, because it is remarkably and openly corrupt


LeviathanGank t1_ix0b7gr wrote

until their fans without morals give a shit they wont do anything.


sanjsrik t1_iwyzv6y wrote

The deal was made in 2010 and it was a shit show since then and yet, only a week before the games are about to kick off, it became a tidal wave if a shit show and FIFA should be "thanked"?

What a stupid assertion.

I'm wondering when the investigation into bribery will commence?


BornagainTXcook210 t1_iwz179v wrote

It's already commenced. Blatt admitted to taking bribes and a few others joined him. Fifa won't admit it although individuals will


nc1264 t1_iwz07pr wrote

Infantibo sounds like a bambino crying wolf. He’s a pos and a disgrace to humanity. This country should never have been given the tournament. Doesn’t matter how long ago the decision was made


suprisecameo t1_iwz4oje wrote

Gianni Infantino: human embodiment of whataboutism.


StoneColdSoberReally t1_iwzvhej wrote

This is whataboutism at its best. And that speech he gave was most cringeworthy.

Apologising for the sins of our fathers is a fairly revolting concept. I am not responsible for my father's actions nor those who preceeded him. I would not think to consider nor hold Infantino responsible for the murders of Veltlin, for example.

These deaths happened now and were preventable. There's no point going into the details. They're there and bare.


functioninghappyness t1_iwzbd9i wrote

How is Gianni not ousted for corruption like Blatter was? How is this feuded man still involved in FIFA?


FoundOnABus t1_iwz0spo wrote

That guy has access to some top of the range drugs.


aZamaryk t1_ix0agc5 wrote

Fuck fifa and their stupid fucking tournament. Just ignore that shit and if enough people did, the whole system would collapse. All injustices are happening because people are too busy watching their favorite team on TV while politicians and their rich overlords destroy the world. Obviously it's much more effective to shit talk on some shitty forum, so I'll just shut up now.


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_ix0rlmf wrote

They should threaten to sell FIFA to Elon Musk if he doesnt bring back beer.


rgpc64 t1_ix0k148 wrote

Infantino is Qatar's butt kissing ball boy or is that ball kissing butt boy?


Coidzor t1_ix0lpqu wrote

Well, his last name contains the word infant, so I guess that checks out.


CanuckFack t1_ix0s4z2 wrote

I am just so, so sorry for what I did 3000 years ago. I'm a different person now.


TheDeadlySquid t1_ix0zyoy wrote

Boycott the games if you find this offensive.


BatteryAcid67 t1_ix1lpyf wrote

Does his name mean little baby in Italian? Lol


madrid987 t1_ix1mibf wrote

I think it's the worst crap.


westofme t1_ix1yvhu wrote

So, that kind of public statement worth about 10 million Euro in his cousin's swiss bank account?


DJKoolJerk t1_ix20i93 wrote

For giving Qatar billions upon billions of dollars for their oil?


Randy_Bongson t1_ix3etd8 wrote

The only way to interpret this statement is "your ancestors enslaved people and murdered immigrants in the past, so shut up and let us do the same today."


AsianLandWar t1_ix0w83g wrote

Looking at the thumbnail pulled from the article, how the heck is this news of any sort, breaking or otherwise?


Artuistic_Caramel t1_iwzqh1u wrote

This is basically what redditors do with the US anytime a non-US country is talked about for something bad


sjozhuma t1_iwzico0 wrote

Thr United States for its wars, coups, economic chokehold of the world and deliberate destabilisation, murder and torture of people and nations for the last 100 years. Hope countries boycott the next world cup too


kamrelim t1_iwz3moh wrote

He's not wrong, but Western Europe, not to mention the US that achieved its position by hundreds of years of genocide and exploitation of slave power are not ready for this conversation.


Obtuse_Symposium t1_iwzn011 wrote

So, to make up for the transgressions of our ancestors (as a collective), current generations should continue to endorse slave labor and human rights violations?


kamrelim t1_iwzol3q wrote

You enjoy the benefits of "transgressions of your ancestors" every day, you shouldn't run away from responsiblity for its consequences.


Yadokargo t1_iwzr0ip wrote

In what world is not wanting to support ongoing slavery "running away the from responsibility of its consequences"? That's like, people confronting that shit. You know? The straight up opposite of running away?


kamrelim t1_iwzrdjo wrote

You're confronting someone who does 0,000001% of horrific shit that your nation did, start with yourself maybe?


Obtuse_Symposium t1_iwzyltr wrote

You know that you can simultaneously try to address historical inequality/grievances in your own country while also protesting the atrocious things that other countries are currently doing, right?

Those things aren't mutually exclusive.


kamrelim t1_ix00r9x wrote

Ok, do you know that the people who decided to go and work in atrocious conditions in Qatar decided to do so because it was attractive, in comparision to what they could expect in their own countries? Why do you think their countries are in such incredibly bad situtation, that people decide to emigrate from them to work in Qatar?


Obtuse_Symposium t1_ix07fi9 wrote

So because they hoped to make more money for their families back home (which is why most of them are there), they should be allowed to be detained against their will, be unfairly compensated for work, and be subjected to dangerous/deadly working conditions? Oh yeah, that's cool dude.

And for the record, I've been to Qatar and have talked to some of these workers. They make up the vast majority of the population there.

I can tell you that none of them liked the fact that their employers were allowed to confiscate their visas and hold them, or bar them from trying to find employment with someone else.

I was there when that earthquake hit Nepal a number of years ago, and I ended up loaning out my phone so some of the Nepali workers could check on their families. One of them told me that was the first time he'd heard their voices in years.

Does that sound like living/working conditions that we should be supporting?


kamrelim t1_ix0a3pb wrote

No. What I mean is the fact that the modern Western civilization is responsible for the horrible conditions present in the countries where modern slave labor comes from, and collectively, as society who benefited from horrible crimes that those societies were victim to, we do nothing to make up for hundreds of years of injustice and exploitation, we merely protest when someone tries to repeat our "get rich at others' expense" scheme.


Obtuse_Symposium t1_ix0f98j wrote

Oh for pete's sake.

I'm always quick to point out the role that western colonization has played upon many countries and its after effects. But if you think that it's the sole cause of the world's problems, or even of the problems in the countries that it has directly touched, then you need to read more history, western or otherwise.

More importantly, if you think that having a troubled history precludes everyone that currently lives in any of those countries from having a voice in the global community, as if it's some sort of deranged penance, then you're being ridiculous.

Like I said, we can denounce bad things while also admitting that our forebears did some fucked up stuff.


kamrelim t1_ix0v9gr wrote

As long as the West won't collectively, in a structured way, compensate for exploiting and destroying whole nations and societies, for hundreds of years of cruelty, for literally inspiring hitler to try to implement the Generalplan Ost by the effectiveness and scale of the American ethnic clensing and enslavement of tens of millions of people - it's nothing but pure hypocrisy.


Obtuse_Symposium t1_ix1n6cc wrote

Alright well, I've done a lot of volunteer work for vulnerable communities, and I'm personally in favor of something like reparations since I know that slavery and genocide have generational impacts, but I also don't control the government or what we get to vote on.

So why would I ever feel like I shouldn't be able to condemn Qatar for modern-day slavery?

Because "the West", which is a collection of countries that have historically been at odds with each other until the last 40-50 years, hasn't come together as one group to say that it's sorry? That's ridiculous.


kamrelim t1_ix3qltw wrote

By the same logic you should condemn and boycott every institution and event organised by UK, the US, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany or The Netherlands. All of those countries are built on blood of slaves, the existence of some of them in a prosperous form is only possible thanks to extermination of the whole populations and ethnicities. None of them, except Germany in the small part, have even tried to reimburse the harm they have done in the last few hundred years. But you can’t do that, that’s where you come from.


lucysalvatierra t1_ix04pfy wrote

We've been having this conversation for a while, not sure who isn't ready for it.