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GlasgowBadger t1_iwzcxeo wrote

Infantini has some pair of balls on him. Claiming FIFA are the victims. Claiming that Quatar are victims of some sinister European plot. Because some spoke truth to power? He some chancer!!!


grenshaw t1_iwzd9ab wrote

A FIFA executive lecturing anyone about morals is just laughable.


Kingofalldogs t1_iwzfljc wrote

Is anyone even going to watch this shit show?

Imagine buying tickets then being told you suddenly can't have a beer in the stadium?

So what's next? They going to round up anyone they think is gay and execute them because they've decided to revoke those rules too?


dhillshafer t1_iwzi5bv wrote

Dear dipshit, It was your corrupt organization that accepted bribes to make this whole stupid thing possible. You took the money over common sense, you took the money over fairness, you took the money over the sport you claim to represent. You have no pedestal, you have no mouth, don’t look behind you because your shadow is there and everyone can see it.


MSeanF t1_iwzincx wrote

Did he make this statement before or after the accusations of Qatari officials bribing the Ecuadorian team to throw their opener came to light?


ItsDominare t1_iwzj0lc wrote

Ah, so we can't criticise any country in future because our own country did some horrible shit in the past? Classic whataboutism that is, Putin would be proud!