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Ainell t1_iwznmny wrote

Well, unless they're gay, at least.


Prince_Day t1_iwzxo0r wrote



Juan-More-Taco t1_ix00i8t wrote

Qatar has the death penalty as an official potential punishment for gay Muslims in the country.


Prince_Day t1_ix04zj5 wrote

Oh right i thought it had something to do with beer lol


GetlostMaps t1_ix0cr2r wrote

Yes beer is gay. Deliciously gay. That's the only plausible reason beer and gay are both banned in Qatar. The logic is undeniable.


XR171 t1_ix1hxg6 wrote

Well y'know the Navy does reference beer in it's fight song and you know what they say about the Navy....

Before anyone gets mad I'm prior Navy myself.


Ainell t1_ix28oka wrote

Being ex-airforce, I too am entirely okay with making fun of the navy.


GetlostMaps t1_ix1jfct wrote

I'm ex-Navy and I do enjoy beer.

It all lines up.