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FrechLachs t1_iwzl4yr wrote

How is it possible to watch without beer?


Ainell t1_iwznmny wrote

Well, unless they're gay, at least.


wwarnout t1_iwznyv0 wrote

Didn't I read recently that certain "elite" fans will be allowed to buy alcohol - at 19,000 pounds a shot?


morenewsat11 t1_iwzqdui wrote

>“If for 3 hours a day you cannot drink a beer, you will survive. Maybe there is a reason why in France, in Spain, in Scotland, alcohol is banned in stadiums. Maybe they are more intelligent than us, having thought maybe we should be doing that.”

Possibly the only time I agree with Infantino, even if saying so leaves a bad taste in my mouth,


Socialist_Nerd t1_iwzsee3 wrote

Just being intentionally obtuse to deflect knowing full well what the actual problem is.

FIFA has always been totally full of garbage humans at the top, but this year has really laid it bare.


valomorn t1_ix05m8x wrote

I like how they're only just now kicking up a fuss about Qatar being a dry country, a whole 12 years after they were announced as the host nation.


angadlr23 t1_ix090mi wrote

In 2014 they forced Brazil to change it's regulations regarding alcoholic drinks in stadiums under the argument that the fans had the right to buy beer. I'm guessing the Qatari wallet is bigger than Budweiser's


psgmcr t1_ix0aiyj wrote

Fans will survive without going too but enjoyment is the entire point isn't it?


skinte1 t1_ix0fh1o wrote

Well, people seem to have managed in France in 1998 ( and during the Euros in 2016) where the only allow alcohol free beer in the stadiums...

To be honest it seems the decision to not allow beer and them chosing to announce it now is simply to divert attention from the real issues...


LifeguardOdd3355 t1_ix0ncmy wrote

Sure, but they will accomodate for the wealthy as always.


Arcades_Samnoth t1_ix0sqyu wrote

Will the FIFA head survive after the fans come after him?


be-like-water-2022 t1_ix0srsr wrote

At this time I think there will be no real fans, just hired workers staging different fans.


DaysyFields t1_ix17pxi wrote

They'll also survive if they don't watch the football.


momentimori t1_ix1hdkl wrote

I'm certain FIFA can survive without bribes.


XR171 t1_ix1hxg6 wrote

Well y'know the Navy does reference beer in it's fight song and you know what they say about the Navy....

Before anyone gets mad I'm prior Navy myself.


AlexRenquist t1_ix1lskr wrote

This is why Scotland intentionally didn't qualify.



mmrrbbee t1_ix1ow4q wrote

But will fifa survive without a head?


beowolff t1_ix1sg5s wrote

Fans will survive...FIFA might not after this debacle.