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JasonP27 t1_ix0t4c0 wrote

I'll survive without FIFA too 🤷


myBisL2 t1_ix1u9dn wrote

I'm not a huge soccer fan but I've been to a decent number of games and had a lot of fun. Telling me I'll "survive" without beer is true. But I don't want to. if I spent all the money to travel to Qatar, book a hotel, pay to eat out everyday at inflated prices and all that, part of the experience I want is to have beer at the game. No one thinks they will die without beer. But they would prefer to have it and I'd be pissed if at the last minute someone said nevermind, we promised it would be available but meh, who cares? Of course a lot of the fans care. Their lives aren't destroyed because of it, but a certain experience was promised for the exorbitant price of admission and you reneged on that promise. If I had paid to go to the WC in Qatar I'd be absolutely furious.


88leo t1_ix2a45h wrote

I would change my flights and leave


myBisL2 t1_ix2agp9 wrote

Sure, that's an option. But if you've dropped thousands, of which not all is likely to be refundable, that is a hard pill to swallow. It's a no win situation. Stay and be denied the experience you were promised, or leave and lose thousands for flights you didn't need to take and potentially other costs that aren't refundable and miss out on this major event you were looking forward to. Either way I'd still be mad as hell.


MyDudeNak t1_ix2b00o wrote

If someone is paying to go to Qatar to support the world cup, I'm just laughing at them getting upset over the lack of beer. Schadenfreude is calling.


myBisL2 t1_ix2bonz wrote

I mean, I personally haven't, but if I had the beer would be the icing on the cake of everything else that has transpired. But also, if you pay for a premium experience I don't think it's ridiculous to want to receive what was promised. My husband and I enjoy fine dining. If I book a reservation with a fine dining restaurant and I am dropping a wad of cash I otherwise wouldn't normally for a premium experience and after I showed up they said oh, we know we said you'd get x and that's a standard part of the experience but too bad, you can live without it, I would not be happy about that. Again, it's not the end of the world, but it is an expected and promised part of the experience. I see no reason why it is silly to be upset that at the last minute you're being told you can just live without it in such a flippant manner.


MyDudeNak t1_ix3tnhk wrote

Its silly because they thought they were actually going to get special treatment in Qatar of all places, and it's funny because they deserve the shit experience even if they shelled out a ton of money.


MysteriousB t1_ix328ok wrote

Oh my god so this explains why football fans can't just be polite or leave a match bot destroying things.

You literally NEED alcohol to enjoy it.


Saleh1434 t1_ix2q7rk wrote

Well then don't go to a muslim country if you wznt to drink beer. It's simple. And I know the rich get to drink. That's wrong. Should be no alcohol whatsoever.


Pillens_burknerkorv t1_ix0cwa9 wrote

Either the sponsors were in on it or there are millions of liters of beer sitting in Qatar that won’t be sold. I don’t know if they can ship it elsewhere. The heat must be terrible for the lifespan of that beer.


autom8r t1_ix0n22g wrote

You're not wrong, Budweiser spent $75M USD on sponsorship, you bet there's enough product there to float an aircraft carrier. And yes it'll be poured down the sewer after this is over, ridiculous.


MJGM235 t1_ix23mhi wrote

Alcohol is illegal in Qatar, or at least it was when I was stationed there back in 2009. All the alcohol consumed in Qatar was consumed by coalition forces on the base.


warrkrack t1_ix2bkwu wrote

illegal for the poor. rich people can drink in hotels and all that good stuff.


Athuanar t1_ix2i5v2 wrote

This isn't people complaining over Qatar's laws. Qatar agreed to allow alcohol in the world cup venues. They only changed their mind a day or so ago, which places them (and FIFA) in breach of various contracts.


assjackal t1_ixadq36 wrote

They never changed their minds, this was intended from the beginning. Say yes to whatever they need until it's to late, then impose their backwards rules.


MSW_21 t1_ix241np wrote

You can get it at select hotels now


hearnia_2k t1_ix324wl wrote

As far as I saw it's fine in a private seting, and when bought from a licensed place. The FIFA Fan Festival will have alcohol.


wftdc t1_ix352an wrote

It is legal in certain specified areas. Hotel restaurants etc....


DaddyO1701 t1_ix1j9ee wrote

Idk. Maybe don’t hold global sporting events in countries with Stone Age laws.


az78 t1_ix1zrd3 wrote

That's the real kicker. Selling of alcohol at stadiums is a FIFA requirement. Countries bids aren't even allowed to move forward unless they agree to it ( and many, many other requirements). Qatar did and are now altering the agreement at the last minute.

If FIFA had any balls, they would suspend the tournament until Qatar is back in line with their agreement.


electro1ight t1_ix2r61d wrote

They really should just suspend it and move it to Australia. They can get their stadiums and Barbi's ready.


MysteriousB t1_ix32jpl wrote

Would be extremely funny if they suspend the world cup over lack of alcohol and not the human rights violations that got the event up and running in the first place.

Or the fact that they celebrate Pride but thought a country actively hostile to LGBTQ people is a perfect place to hold the event (Twice).


az78 t1_ix3s1o8 wrote

As much as those ought to be contractual obligations, they aren't.


aiboaibo1 t1_ix0zndg wrote

FIFA head sipping beer and champgne in VIP zone while fans run dry would be a more fitting headline..


mtranda t1_ix0dmzs wrote

This whole clusterfuck makes me quite optimistic. If the thousands of deaths weren't enough (sadly), maybe a sponsor that willingly got in bed with a corrupt organisation and a murderous regime will take offense for losing the sponsorship money, losing out on the sales they were promised, AND wasting the beer.

The schadenfreude is so thick on this one.


GGprime t1_ix1jvxn wrote

I will also survive while completely skipping this entire event.


bakalaka25 t1_ix1rl3n wrote

Qatar proving once again they know absolutely nothing about the game. I'm pretty sure it's basically oxygen for English fans...


mustsurvivecapitlism t1_ix2mrap wrote

You can’t drink at games in England or Scotland. Not since the 1980s.


bakalaka25 t1_ix2mzlm wrote

In view of the pitch. You don't have to take a ferry between the drinking location and the stadium.


CompleteNumpty t1_ixc4vch wrote

You can't drink in Scottish stadiums unless you are in corporate hospitality, essentially the same as Qatar.


bakalaka25 t1_ixc5d8k wrote

My comment was about the English. If I called a Scottish fans English, that'd be a whole other set of issues...


CompleteNumpty t1_ixc655f wrote

The comment you replied to said "England or Scotland" and you did not specify any country.


heckdditor t1_ix11n7w wrote

Qatar will survive with a gay kiss or a lesbian kiss too.


Uphene t1_ix1anoc wrote

I cannot fathom watching professional soccer/football sober.


sugar_addict002 t1_ix0ranu wrote

Translation: WE got their money. No worries.


Bai_Cha t1_ix1gve6 wrote

I guess the fans who choose to support this monstrosity are doing better than all those slaves who didn’t survive.


MJGM235 t1_ix23esj wrote

Will FIFA survive after Budweiser drops their sponsorship though 🤔😂


complexomaniac t1_ix0es0z wrote

Unless you are a filthy rich on oil money or part of the corrupt regime, surviving is about all you get in that country.


Jelly_McPeanutbutter t1_ix1lafs wrote

Plus guys guys, they paid us soooo much fucking money to host.


Artnunymisss t1_ix1oegq wrote

And will probably just reimburse Budweiser for all the beer they dump


HippySheepherder1979 t1_ix2ws2f wrote

Budweiser gets a shit toon of PR out of this. If they get their on location cost covered and say 50% of their sponsorship money back they should be happy.

I can see a large amount of people buying Budweiser as their match day beer in front of the TV after this.


Sikklebell t1_ix2yv0u wrote

It's the best deal for Budweiser, lots off free good pr for them and no one to taste the beer! (Also did for them)


peensteen t1_ix4bavo wrote

Whew, dodged a bullet there! Imagine if anyone had actually TASTED the "beer". Qatar would have had a newly minted human rights scandal!


HarryHacker42 t1_ix2gb2k wrote

Qatar slaves did NOT survive without beer. Why did 6000+ die? Maybe Qatar can tell us?


mythoughtsforapenny t1_ix2ktlc wrote

I wouldn't trust official assurances of survival with regard to this tournament - very bad track record.


Helenium_autumnale t1_ix2oj7v wrote

If it's available, pour a little out on the ground to honor the 6,500 people who died constructing these stadiums so that monied people can watch a game.


__JonnyG t1_ix2ozxf wrote

Love spending money to go and survive an event


wabashcanonball t1_ix1um2i wrote

FIFA is an unethical immoral clusterfuck.


nerd-gamer5912 t1_ix2990v wrote

That’s literally an anti-endorsement.


autom8r t1_ix0n9ne wrote

Time for the Ole' bag of hard liquor strapped to the thigh...


wintrmt3 t1_ix15o1b wrote

That's 6 months in prison, another 6 if you get drunk.


throwaway4DPPetc t1_ix170y3 wrote

Yea unfortunately where the punishment for that would be maybe being ejected in most countries, you might just get your toes cut off or something in Qatar.


Grieie t1_ix22nyo wrote

A mate of mine could hide a full liquor bottle in her boobs before her reduction.


Dknight560 t1_ix140ga wrote

Fifa head has never been to Millwall


whyhercules t1_ix15045 wrote

@ Infantino

~that’s not the point and you know it,

that’s not the point and you know it,

that’s not the point, that’s not the point,

that’s not the point and you know it~


Mammoth_Comb_5055 t1_ix1dhyj wrote

The world cup is a joke. It's been a while since something like this has happend. Where you get a chuckle everyday with something new headlining it. Makes me appreciate my country even more. Thanks Qatar.


Alacritous13 t1_ix2454m wrote

FIFA will survive without Budweiser advertising money.


Multiverseer t1_ix29k1r wrote

No they fucking won't. Who the hell passes up $8 per beer?


throwawayyourfun t1_ix2d5go wrote

FIFA says fans will survive work period without human rights before heading home.


peensteen t1_ix4bvum wrote

MAY survive. User experience may vary. The Emirate of Qatar makes no express claims about the efficacy of the legal system in the event of user being poor.


Shingaion t1_ix09fvy wrote

You know, he's not wrong. What did they (the fans) expect from having a predominantly Muslim country host the World Cup? Like, d-oi!!


Justifiably_Cynical t1_ix0adjz wrote

I'm pretty sure they expected them to stick to their contractual obligations.


tonsofsoul t1_ix0b25z wrote

The country that bribed FIFA to have the cup, murdered hundreds to thousands of indentured workers/slaves, and just tried to bribe another team to lose against them has the moral compass to stick to their contract? I've got some prime swamp land in Florida you may be interested in.


Shingaion t1_ix0anzr wrote

You'd think so, but I guess not. Another example of religion ruining things.


Duluthian2 t1_ix10xty wrote

If you think Qatar didn't plan on doing this from the start you're pretty foolish. They wouldn't have gotten the award to host the games if they said no beer, even with the amount of bribes they paid. That's also why Qatar waited so long, until a couple of days before the first game, so no other plans could have been made.


Justifiably_Cynical t1_ix1687p wrote

>If you think Qatar didn't plan on doing this from the start you're pretty foolish.

I didn't think shit. I'm not a fan. I DGAF.


Dmoe33 t1_ix2gi4p wrote

This isn't an issue specific to it being a Muslim country, its the government that is just way on the extreme side.

Dubai is predominantly Muslim and they sell alcohol.


Niznack t1_ix1acc4 wrote

Serious question: yes they had a deal with budweiser and yes they can't sell it at the stadium bit I've seen nothing that says they have to remove the advertising which is the real point of the sponsorship. In the long run won't fifa and budweiser get what they really wanted out of this.


spurredoil t1_ix1ip9z wrote

I think the bigger deal is the Budweiser paid a premium for advertising but also to be the exclusive provider of beer to sell for the duration of the event. Again, purely hypothetical but I imagine they expected to recover a significant portion of the money initially spent from actual beer sales.


Niznack t1_ix1j4fp wrote

I think most advertisers expect most of the profits from outside the event. Superbowl ads cost millions and no I doubt even the superb owl earns millions for budwiser in stadium. But I see your point they definitely lost sales. But they can't have expected to sell much in Qatar in the 1st place


spurredoil t1_ix1k7gj wrote

I don't know to be honest. Since you wouldn't be able to drink outside of the stadium, I would bet that any degenerate would just get their absolute maximum fill when inside the stadium.

But still, when thinking about it from a marketing perspective, they probably projected a certain range for recovered sales and then they could write off the net cost as "marketing". Huge oversimplification but that's where my mind goes.

At the same time, part of me is like "well Budweiser kind of shouldn't have put their money towards this" and now it has me hesitant to purchase any Budweiser product going forward.


jankyalias t1_ix29wbi wrote

The issue in Qatar isn’t being unable to drink outside the stadium, even now there are “fan zones” where people can drink easily enough (not to mention in hotels and whatnot), it’s that the stadiums and their immediate environs are the only places you can’t drink out of the original plans.


jens-2420 t1_ix1z125 wrote

Even survive without watching soccer.


UCFknight2016 t1_ix216fh wrote

Lol I bet the riots will be great.


gregorydgraham t1_ix2ca2e wrote

In other news: John Carpenter was delighted when critics’ declared that movie goers “will survive” Avatar 2


ash_274 t1_ix2jvr8 wrote

Maybe this could be the first time a country gets overthrown by its tourists (/s)


TerrorNova49 t1_ix3059h wrote

Wonder how much AB InBev is going to sue FIFA for?


Throsty t1_ix4c0l5 wrote

It's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out.


peensteen t1_ix4ack5 wrote

I don't care if Qatar is hosting the Resurrection Tour of Tupac and Biggie featuring Jimi Hendrix, don't give money to oppressive little kingdoms like this. LIV Golf can fuck right off too.


SomewhereShot91 t1_ix4z28p wrote

FIFA, does it get any more corrupt, fucking money grubbing fucks.


Llenette1 t1_ix1p6rm wrote

This was an epic fuck up....


day7seven t1_ix20i28 wrote

Beer fans will survive without FIFA.


ForgedIronMadeIt t1_ix2a4hj wrote

Yes, people can survive without beer, but the enjoyment of a sporting event is enhanced by having a drink or two. (Don't get it twisted, though, just a few. Drunken assholes in the stands are assholes.)


36-3 t1_ix2ecsc wrote

I am sure they will need beer to live in those shipping containers


siberuangbugil t1_ix2m14o wrote

Qatar is too late on sportwashing. UAE has been doing that for long time, long before qatar. Now look, UAE is good guy now. All western people love UAE... Lol. Westoids now: Qatar is bad, UAE i love you... European will not survive without Qatar and Russian gas. Lol.


morgulbrut t1_ix2qdjo wrote

Let's hope Heineken Budweiser (they changed their Pisswasser supplier I saw) sues the shit out of FIFA then...


CaptainHindsight92 t1_ix2tqu9 wrote

Do they really want to risk sober fans figuring out its just some blokes kicking a ball at a net? Sounds dangerous to me...


wftdc t1_ix34wfc wrote

We can survive without FIFA as well , but we still want it.


Maurice_Unraveled t1_ix4bq1i wrote

is nobody talking about the fact that Brazil ALSO tried to ban beer when they hosted the World Cup? soccer/football crowds are rowdy and violent. I'm not defending every decision Qatar has made but this one makes sense. And it serves FIFA right for being so corrupt that they start having to deal with countries making demands on THEM instead of the other way around.


TheEmoEmu95 t1_ix2n99h wrote

Wait, do people actually expect to be served alcohol in a conservatively Islamic country?


Throsty t1_ix4bwrc wrote

Up until last week, that is exactly what they were told was going to happen.