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MJGM235 t1_ix23mhi wrote

Alcohol is illegal in Qatar, or at least it was when I was stationed there back in 2009. All the alcohol consumed in Qatar was consumed by coalition forces on the base.


warrkrack t1_ix2bkwu wrote

illegal for the poor. rich people can drink in hotels and all that good stuff.


Athuanar t1_ix2i5v2 wrote

This isn't people complaining over Qatar's laws. Qatar agreed to allow alcohol in the world cup venues. They only changed their mind a day or so ago, which places them (and FIFA) in breach of various contracts.


assjackal t1_ixadq36 wrote

They never changed their minds, this was intended from the beginning. Say yes to whatever they need until it's to late, then impose their backwards rules.


MSW_21 t1_ix241np wrote

You can get it at select hotels now


hearnia_2k t1_ix324wl wrote

As far as I saw it's fine in a private seting, and when bought from a licensed place. The FIFA Fan Festival will have alcohol.


wftdc t1_ix352an wrote

It is legal in certain specified areas. Hotel restaurants etc....