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SnarfbObo t1_ix2jaia wrote

30 days


yellowistherainbow t1_ix2pys4 wrote

Lets say they succeeded with the insurrection.

If the "liberals" insurrected they would also get 30 days, right?


SnarfbObo t1_ix2sbmc wrote

given the rhetoric the insurrecting party are prone to using, I assume the theoretical insurrectionists would be executed in the courtroom before the gavel is set back down.


Drackar39 t1_ix4pjws wrote

Bold to assume it would make it to a court room. The right are nothing if not fans of murdering innocent civilians.


SnarfbObo t1_ix4wb6w wrote

i was operating on the other guys assumption


Flip_d_Byrd t1_ix2xtv7 wrote

Thirty days in the hole

Newcastle Brown, I'm tellin' ya, it can sure smack you down


F4L2OYD13 t1_ix2kg46 wrote

I don't think that's what it was for. Probably for being part of an attempted insurrection.


cutelyaware t1_ix2rmfh wrote

Yeah, the article says he decided to join the insurrection when he saw it on his date's TV. He could just as well have seen it in a bar. Where he saw it isn't the point.


Maskeno t1_ix53oqn wrote

I think it's just meant to be amusing. The dude is presumably there to have sex with his date, and instead sees what's going on and decides to get involved. It would be funny, if it wasn't such a bad thing to get involved in.


cutelyaware t1_ix5b8ne wrote

He saw the TV coverage the next day, so it didn't even interrupt their date. I think it's just the very common situation where the editor who writes the headline is not the person who reported on the story. They often bend the truth for a salacious headline.


exscapegoat t1_ix5j41b wrote

I think he was still at her place when he saw it. Some people cuddle, some smoke a cigarette, this guy decides to attempt a coup


DragonGarlicBreath t1_ix3jaaw wrote

The Tinder date part was pretty weakly connected, I'm sad to see.


gingerisla t1_ix3k9qo wrote

The article makes it sound as if storming the Capitol was their date.


Mds_02 t1_ix3t3nf wrote

“Your Honor, I was just there to touch boob.”


RandoCommentGuy t1_ix42y2d wrote

I was hoping he swiped right, she responded "Wanna bang on Pelosi's Desk???" And he drove right over.


DragonGarlicBreath t1_ix3mxdq wrote

Or it was a racializing hook up. Not sure if that implies amazing sex or really bad sex.


Mds_02 t1_ix5in29 wrote

Imagine sex so bad you need to overthrow an entire government afterwards.

Still better than my ex.


j4ckbauer t1_ix5cse6 wrote

I agree and I think this should continue to be pointed out.

It's funny there are some people on reddit who would admonish you for Not expecting 99% of headlines to be pure uncut clickbait.


gregaustex t1_ix3xexj wrote

>after seeing the riot erupt on a Tinder date’s television and taking an Uber ride to join the mob’s attack

WTF. There is absolutely no point in characterizing this as the headline did. I thought at least it would be that his date convinced him to join her or something in that vein.

"Man gets jail for joining capitol riot after going to 7-11" makes as much sense.


j4ckbauer t1_ix5cwxg wrote

"See, I knew 7-11 is for people who are involved in bad stuff, tell me more" <clicks article>


HijinksNYK t1_ix2purd wrote

from horny jail to jail


j4ckbauer t1_ix5cnes wrote

I don't get how this is a story other than 'Man gets jail for joining Capitol riot'

I guess the headline hook here is for people who have strong feelings about Tinder? Not the clickbait designers' best work.


WhatD0thLife t1_ix60dhn wrote

Doing something after a date isn’t Oniony.


ur_friendly_friend t1_ix52f0l wrote

Nothing like a good ol' insurrection after getting your nut


MyHatIsGray t1_ix5lllq wrote

This seems to be clickbait


Kevinmc479 t1_ix5y48e wrote

That’s unfortunate


Kyralal t1_ix362q6 wrote

Would have been fine had it been a Grindr date.