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gingerisla t1_ix3k9qo wrote

The article makes it sound as if storming the Capitol was their date.


Mds_02 t1_ix3t3nf wrote

“Your Honor, I was just there to touch boob.”


RandoCommentGuy t1_ix42y2d wrote

I was hoping he swiped right, she responded "Wanna bang on Pelosi's Desk???" And he drove right over.


DragonGarlicBreath t1_ix3mxdq wrote

Or it was a racializing hook up. Not sure if that implies amazing sex or really bad sex.


Mds_02 t1_ix5in29 wrote

Imagine sex so bad you need to overthrow an entire government afterwards.

Still better than my ex.


j4ckbauer t1_ix5cse6 wrote

I agree and I think this should continue to be pointed out.

It's funny there are some people on reddit who would admonish you for Not expecting 99% of headlines to be pure uncut clickbait.