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V12Jaguar t1_ix3p5d9 wrote

I just happen to offer a "bonded" incinerator service! DM me!


Staticoli t1_ix501fs wrote

My incinerator is 100% eco-friendly with absolutely no toxic emissions. Give me the contract!


farlos75 t1_ix5ff27 wrote

'No toxic emmissions' except the shite that'll be coming out of your mouth after the first gram!


V12Jaguar t1_ix50sm3 wrote

Did I mention we're eco-friendly too and our service is now 100% FREE!


lucidrage t1_ix6kc9z wrote

In fact, we'll pay you $1/gram for letting us incinerate for you!


its_justme t1_ix5ptmr wrote

I’ve been to your house on burrito night. Not too sure on the toxic emissions


WU-itsForTheChildren t1_ix4wt33 wrote

No no no this guy is a SCAMMER!!! I have a legit incinerator I’ll charge less than nothing… shit I’ll pay you to let me incinerate it for you just DM me not this guy ME /s


danhoyuen t1_ix71b39 wrote

why does everyone seem so confident at being up to the task in this post?