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morenewsat11 t1_ix55tmm wrote

> The toy is part of a line of VIP Products called Silly Squeakers that mimic liquor, beer, wine and soda bottles. They include Mountain Drool, which parodies Mountain Dew, and Heini Sniff’n, which parodies Heineken. A court in 2008 barred the company from selling its Budweiser parody, ButtWiper.

Props to the folks at VIP Products for their refined sense of humour.


DortDrueben t1_ix5bkvz wrote

Costco has a line of these toys but it's mimicking their Kirkland Sig line of booze and other products with similar puns. Even a dog toy membership card. Wonder if other lawsuits are incoming.

Some co's will let things slide. But "butt wiper"? Yeah, don't poke the bear.


dewayneestes t1_ix5fouu wrote

Budweiser probably holds the copyright to ButtWiper.


oneplusetoipi t1_ix5j0u1 wrote

They certainly hold the recipe.


khaos_kyle t1_ix7nulw wrote

Hahah this joke is funny because it tastes like crap!


djb1983CanBoy t1_ix9r2lc wrote

Hey, dont insult the people who like eating crap. Now those who like chewing on products that clean crappy butts….


descendency t1_ix64eu6 wrote

i would think they could argue that there is no infraction here because the products are non competing...

But let's be real, Budweiser is aimed at dogs.


4mystuff t1_ix7kue4 wrote

If I recall correctly, Budweiser's primary complaint against ButtWiper was that butwiper also tasted like budweiser. Or that Budweuser tasted like buttwipe, i don't remember exactly.