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nj0tr t1_ix75fng wrote

> the dog is gonna accidentally get drunk off your whiskey?

no, but vet bills (and 'emotional trauma') for someone's beloved dog accidentally biting into real JD bottle can well be a basis for a civil claim


DoctorGreyscale t1_ix7iqoh wrote

What vet bills? Are you trying to imply that a dog would break its teeth or shatter the bottle? If a dog bit into a glass bottle they'd definitely be able to tell the difference.


IndianKiwi t1_ixafpec wrote

Better take away the gun shaped stuffy also. Just incase they go after a real gun


pregnantseahorsedad t1_ixaqhnj wrote

Dogs wouldn't confuse the scent of the plastic with the scent of the glass/paper. Plastic is really stinky to the dogs... Especially if they like the toy, it'll probably smell like cortisol from their saliva the last time they played with it.


DrDroid t1_ix9o6m1 wrote

That would be literally the dumbest dog in history if it did that.