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boringandgay t1_ix57s0e wrote

they've been selling that story since the 60s


captainadam_21 t1_ix5xsdy wrote

Weekly reader in the 80s told me there would be flying cars by 2000


CA_Orange t1_ix5ynrg wrote

To be fair, we can build flying cars. We just don't because it's stupid.


Darzok t1_ix5z3fh wrote

If people could be trusted to drive a normal car with out been a dick it would not be stupid.


MILFBucket t1_ix8ffak wrote

True but 3d navigation is exponentially harder, even if you're not stupid.


AssCumBoi t1_ix5zase wrote

Yeah lol. Plus they are just inefficient planes anyway. The fuel cost would be enormous when you can just not waste energy keeping it in the air. And it'd so fucking loud, imagine how fucking much it would suck living near a high traffic flying car area


ShadowDragon8685 t1_ix6iph3 wrote

It's been true since the '60s, the only question was whether we were willing to put up the cash to do it.


SevroAuShitTalker t1_ix58nly wrote

Who honestly wants to live on the moon? It would be like a bigger submarine


GetlostMaps t1_ix5if0m wrote

Some people, inexplicably, like cruise ships. I'm sure they can find someone who wants to live in a tin can in the dark.


Ray_Pingeau t1_ix5xvmn wrote

A tin can in the dark wouldn’t alter my life that much


SevroAuShitTalker t1_ix5v8d3 wrote

At least on a cruise you can go outside and enjoy the air and sun


GetlostMaps t1_ix616km wrote

They got sun on the moon. Air, not so much.


SevroAuShitTalker t1_ix61uae wrote

Yeah, but the sun you get on the moon isn't enjoyable, just gonna help you get cancer faster


YuanBaoTW t1_ix6ekca wrote

You'll come to see that as a feature, not a bug once you realize that living on the moon isn't all it's cracked up to be.


GetlostMaps t1_ix6uc56 wrote

I live in Australia. We already have the highest skin cancer rates in the world.

Sure, some of that is because the weather is too good.

Or it could be all the moon rock in my back yard.


max122345677 t1_ix7afa4 wrote

More because of the hole in the ozon layer over Australia.


GetlostMaps t1_ix7bb78 wrote

Definitely the moon rocks.

Also we wear short sleeves 10 months year, or 12 months any further north than half way.


GoColombia t1_ix5uyry wrote

Totally agree. “Hey want to live on a pile of rocks w/ no oxygen?…Its super far from everything btw.” Nope


17racecar71 t1_ix7apav wrote

Never have to sit in rush hour traffic again. And you’ll never be attacked by a bear


saraphilipp t1_ix6nocj wrote

I just got done telling my roommate, fuck yeah, lets go!


max122345677 t1_ix7acsc wrote

Still better than living in the ISS and people want to go there too.


castzpg t1_ix591zq wrote

X for doubt


Just_Saying_Howdy t1_ix59h3u wrote

No one will be living on the moon permanently.


GetlostMaps t1_ix5iops wrote

If you die on day 3, you did live there permanently. That's how mars colonisation is gonna work too.


YGIAL t1_ix58opq wrote

Where's the oxygen and atmosphere going to come from? Earth has atmosphere and enough of the sun's radiation still gets through to cause skin cancer


menlindorn t1_ix5a6wy wrote

actually lunar regolith is lots of aluminum dioxide. harvest some solar energy, crack the regolith, and get lots of Al and O2. Atmosphere and building materials, boom.

Nothing to eat, though.


YGIAL t1_ix5aj1u wrote

I'll have to take your word for it as you have shown far more knowledge about it than I have.

That's why we ask questions though right


Reveal101 t1_ix5gxuz wrote

Exactly. To answer the second part of your question, I believe the long term plan is to dig tunnels or use existing lava tubes to use the surface as a shield against radiation.

What I find less likely is Nasa actually accomplishing this in a decade.


YGIAL t1_ix5hv85 wrote

What is this, A moon for ants? I'm not living in a tunnel that's how you become mole people


GetlostMaps t1_ix5il2s wrote

If we gather up the mole people from here and send them, they'll have a head start.


Defiant-Peace-493 t1_ix8crjw wrote

And plenty of silicon and modest amounts of rare earths, so chips, solar, and glass are easy enough.

Regolith mining offers hydrogen and nitrogen, at around 100g per m3. Carbon is scarcer, but significant deposits exist in polar ice.

Note that there are some designs for aluminum - LOX rockets, which ought to be perfectly adequate for surface cargo runs.


kevinds t1_ix5s53u wrote

>Atmosphere and building materials, boom.

What is to hold the atmosphere in place? The moon doesn't have enough gravity..

Reply then block me so I can't see the reply... shaking my head


max122345677 t1_ix7arcs wrote

Why do people suddenly think NASA wants to terraform the moon in a decade. Ofc that is impossible for many reasons. But people can live on the moon without having an atmosphere there. You just need to be inside where is breathable air/oxygen.


MILFBucket t1_ix8frin wrote

Breathing pure oxygen for an extended period of time must be healthy. Just like home!


menlindorn t1_ix8ieju wrote

I assure you there is carbon on Luna. You can have other gases, too.


Potatoswatter t1_ix5ov2v wrote

If we send waves upon waves of settlers, an atmosphere will emerge from the action of the sunlight upon their corpses.


Napotad t1_ix5svs0 wrote

Base would likely be inside a crater, where it will always be in shadow, also you would need a space suit to even go outside. Artificial grow lights for food, plants for oxygen. It's really not hard with our current tech, we just haven't done it yet.


NicNoletree t1_ix5ar3c wrote

And you think the internet connection and cell phone plans sucks here!


kevinds t1_ix5rqhu wrote

They have already been working on a LTE network for the moon...


NicNoletree t1_ix5wmb4 wrote

Everything in this solar system only gets a one star review


andrewavax t1_ix5e3f9 wrote

On the earth - not so sure!


JapanKaren t1_ix721fi wrote

Sounds like they want to build prisons, illegal research facilities, and secret military installations.


weirdlybeardy t1_ix7j4f8 wrote

Yeah let’s ditch this ball of pollution and head to greener pastures.


QuestionableAI t1_ix5bk66 wrote

I watched the original moon walk and they said 10 years back then ... get back to me when it happens, although, likely I'll be dead by then (two decades or so from now).


not_a_droid t1_ix5ok7z wrote

let’s start with the billionaires


shastadakota t1_ix5q42j wrote

Could we start with the Trump clan, then maybe Ted Cruz, DeSantis, McConnell,Pence, MGT, Boebert....


Mrcoldghost t1_ix5tcra wrote

I’ll believe it when I see it.


menlindorn t1_ix5aazh wrote

"I could have brought my arrowhead collection. I didn't... so I'm not gonna look for it!"


NahmenJayden t1_ix5f5rw wrote

"I'm going to look for things I BROUGHT on board! It would seem to increase the likelihood of my finding something, wouldn't you say?"


Such a good bit and great special in general.


Pelicanliver t1_ix5ieg9 wrote

And I could win the lottery tomorrow morning. I probably won’t.


beepbeepsheepbot t1_ix5ovlx wrote

I'm good. We're not even taking care of the planet we're on now.


smileymn t1_ix5syji wrote

I will bet $10,000 that this won’t happen


CA_Orange t1_ix5yi1c wrote


Sure...humans could be living on a floating city 150 miles in Jupiter's atmosphere in 30 years.


klsi832 t1_ix62pln wrote

Pshaw right and later monkeys might fly out of my butt!


canadianbohunk t1_ix668c7 wrote

Non robot based space research is dangerous and too costly


Such-Wrongdoer-2198 t1_ix69b4l wrote

What would be the benefit of a moon colony compared to building the same environment in, say, the Sahara desert? It's not like Earth has a shortage of open space. Pretty much anywhere on Earth would be easier to live in than the moon.


newsman0719 t1_ix6nqwu wrote

Finally found a place for Packer fans


Beautiful_Fee1655 t1_ix6vzsq wrote

More accurate headline:

"Humans could be dying on the moon in the next 11 years, Nasa says"


BraethanMusic t1_ix6w8ho wrote

NASA is entering the marketing phase that Elon entered over a decade ago? Whoopee.

At least NASA is more trustworthy, I guess.


DennisHakkie t1_ix7e3mw wrote

Well, send Musk there, he’ll love it.

Just him, though


pattyG80 t1_ix8cjwq wrote

Who wants to ruin their bone density?


atmoscience t1_ix8kz9k wrote

We can destroy the moon too? Heck yeah!


HallowedBeyond t1_ix9e7cd wrote

That’s not going to happen. That’s a fact.


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_ix5m3in wrote

Sounds like a nice vacation destination but idk if I want to live there. The moon is basically Jamaica.


[deleted] t1_ix5cmx6 wrote



CFCkyle t1_ix9lb2m wrote

Mercury's surface can reach up to nearly 430 degrees Celsius though which is much more of a challenge to deal with