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CosineDanger t1_ixavf6x wrote

Shockingly, his partners were two consenting adults women.

He did hire dominatrices and he did literally shit on the carpet during filming of the porno so maybe not the world's best priest, but also not the world's worst priest.

Non-paywall article here


5aur1an t1_ixau4wl wrote

At least he wasn’t abusing a child, so I am good with him an the adult sex workers


Specialist_Peach4294 t1_ixbnccm wrote

Jesus approves of this comment, and silently mouths “call me” 📞 to Mary Magdalene.


[deleted] t1_ixanz9m wrote



Americrazy t1_ixautog wrote

No, he’s the ‘father’ and the ‘son’ is… well, …the ‘holy spirit’ is the one with the most holes (she/her).


poul0004 t1_ixb6cj7 wrote

Three years supervision & $1,000 fine. Totally worth it.

The doms probably cost more.


Chard069 t1_ixanpes wrote

Aren't beds more comfortable than altars? Asking for a friend. ;)


charlie2135 t1_ixb6zz8 wrote

But the altar is more comfortable than hanging from the cross. (Sorry, I'm a recovering catholic)


ThroatWMangrove t1_ixbgjss wrote

I don’t see what being addicted to cats has to do with any of this


Nevermore64 t1_ixcqtq1 wrote

I can’t believe I’ve made it 31 years and never heard this joke.


SweatyTax4669 t1_ixcx5hj wrote

39 years, and I just associated it when I just now saw Cat-

because of a weird window size.


Chard069 t1_iyc4k3s wrote

So you aren't familiar with cat-lickers? Sad.


Chard069 t1_iyc4ige wrote

Fornication upon an altar is likely more comfortable than focking whilst upright on a cross. Just an observation. ;)


3-Ball t1_ixcxw3w wrote

Fucking on an alter was so the priest could say, "Who's god now, baby?"


Choppergold t1_ixasu1z wrote

Made him wear a collar I bet


NoWayNotThisAgain t1_ixd4uoo wrote

>Aymond called Clark’s behavior “deplorable” and said his “desecration of the altar in the church was demonic, and I am infuriated by his actions.” Aymond had the altar removed and set it on fire. (That same month, another priest in the same archdiocese was credibly accused of molestation, and while he was eventually removed from public ministry, Aymond notably did not call him demonic.)

So… an ex-priest having consensual sex with women is “demonic” but a sexual assault is something they quietly sweep under the rug?

Christianity is a stain on the world.


sharksnut t1_ixc6tg3 wrote

I bet a reference to "burning bush" came up a time or two


8urfiat t1_ixce8tq wrote

I expected it to be him, and two other dudes.


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S-Vagus t1_ixcalxu wrote

Okay, so religious groups are on a fixed distribution of when they are allowed to think a certain thing? Is that how it works?


E420CDI t1_ixf2o10 wrote

Well, it was a three-in-one!


jdub14u t1_ixdq6hh wrote

Hypocrites, you’re the same people that block and tackle for pedos, and vote democrat..🤡