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jayfeather31 t1_ixc39nu wrote

They later went on to lose 40-3. Make of that what you will.


_Weyland_ t1_ixc4yww wrote

They got fucked. Solidarity.


coleslawww307 t1_ixcu9n0 wrote

That made me think- isn’t it funny that people say “get fucked” and “suck my dick” as insults but also want people to do that for real? Seems weird


TricksterWolf t1_ixern8l wrote

Most of the people who say that with very high frequency also use "gay" as an insult and even graphically describe male-male sex while doing so, but I'm sure there isn't some weird reason related to human psychology and repressed feelings or anything


blackvr t1_ixck82n wrote

Minnesota native and recovering Vikings fan here. The Vikings are an absolute joke and this loss just makes it that much better. Apparently the national coverage dropped the game halfway through the third quarter and broadcast a better one.


danxmanly t1_ixcqkx7 wrote

Yep... They pulled out and and caught the end of another.


bostondana2 t1_ixe5oya wrote

Thank God. I did not want to see that finale...


Yeodler t1_ixfg2u3 wrote

That's the bitch of it!!! I paid for it i wanna see it. Every agonizing skull crushing minute. What is this masochist you talk about I am?!?


Frowdo t1_ixdfsri wrote

Thank God they switched to a last place team vs division rival score 12 pts.