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TheGreyWolfCat t1_ixc6hpd wrote

Oh wow that’s a great tax money investment /s you go britstain.


Dan_Onymous t1_ixcioyv wrote

Weird feelings on this, it's fucking disgusting, but I also just assumed they already did


godca_grema t1_ixci5zm wrote

They're laughing at us.


Aceller t1_ixca4w1 wrote

They continue to take the piss out of all of us because we continue to do nothing about it


ElwoodJD t1_ixcp6aw wrote

It’s absolutely criminal how much taxpayer money is stolen from hard workers and wasted for the private enjoyment or enrichment of a few elites the world over. This is a microcosm of the issue. You want a Christmas party at your office? Work for a private employers who throws one or, if you are a public servant, pay for it yourself. Stop dipping into the average citizens pocket to pay for your shit, whether it’s a party or pork barrel political bonanzas for yourself and your cronies.


QuestionableAI t1_ixdmxgb wrote

Can the poors expense it off their taxes as well? Asking for the rest of us.


_Forgotten t1_ixcfaor wrote

You mean they're taking our tea taxes to throw parties? And we're not invited? My fellow Americans, it is time for a revolution!


Acianah t1_ixcfy2x wrote

They continue to take the piss out of all of us because we continue to do nothing about it


witchyanne t1_ixe15nq wrote

Blah blah cost of living blah blah mps can claim xmas parties

What the actual fuck, England?


Say10sadvocate t1_ixgj7am wrote

This wouldn't be such a big deal if we weren't staring down the barrel of another decade of austerity.

In the good times, sure, go for it.

Now? Hell no.


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GetlostMaps t1_ixe4f8y wrote

Businesses claim theirs. I don't get why this is odd. This isn't for employees?


kreiger-69 t1_ixe9m95 wrote

Employees can now do this too

If you spend £100 on a christmas meal you essentially get back 20%(or whatever the rate of tax is), you don't get the whole £100 back

Edit: Maximum amount is £150 per person

What about reclaiming tax on the cost of staff entertainment?

When it comes to your employees, the cost of food and drink - whether it's free-of-charge or provided at a subsidy - can be deducted for tax purposes under the following conditions:

An annual event is held, and is open to all members of staff
The cost per head is no more than £150 including VAT

GetlostMaps t1_ixed4gf wrote

I guess if you have to go and it's a work function that's fair. And the social pressure to go even if it's not technically demanded is pretty high. Seems reasonable.