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Geniabo t1_ixmi4eh wrote

And the steaks are high!


Genicel t1_ixmigiu wrote

The cows are on the lam(b)!!!!


dvdmaven t1_ixmhsh6 wrote

When I lived in rural Oregon, one neighbor had a cow that could and did jump the barbed wire fence repeatedly. But the biggest annoyance was the chocolate brown llama that would get out of its field and stand in the road at night, right in the middle of a S-curve.


tucci007 t1_ixo8kc9 wrote

No one can stop me now

Tonight I'm on the loose

*no fans of Saga in this sub I see


redditaccount71987 t1_iy5t0b3 wrote

Poor things but not surprising. I'm actually in a situation where people actually tried to like fake sex claims over a natural phenomena and are just abusing tech.