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HolidayFew8116 t1_ixq9ewt wrote

astrologer - if you let this snake bite you'- your future holds a quiet contemplation.


rugbat t1_ixs9zdc wrote

And people say astrology is just harmless nonsense...


assjackal t1_iy3tjge wrote

It throws me into a unique kind of rage that just as people identifying as religious is waning, this sort of stuff is growing popular. It's like diet religion, none of the rules but still all of the excuses for your shitty behavior.


tastyPaplet t1_ixt325e wrote

Well,to be fair, this man is going to "harm-less" by having limited opportunity to spread this astrology bullshit now that his tongue is gone


rayk9000 t1_ixqfrtk wrote

Astrologer speaks with forked tongue: mans tongue gets forked up badly.


EsotericAbstractIdea t1_iy31qk7 wrote

I have a schizophrenic friend who works as a psychic in a call center. Lol