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saintshing t1_ixtqpai wrote

How does someone become a photographer being known for large scale nude shoots?


menlindorn t1_ixu9su3 wrote

buy a camera. it is remarkably easy to get people to get naked in large numbers. it's not about the nudity - it's about the numbers. people will do anything so long as they're part of a large group doing it. try to get a single person to take their clothes off, no way. but a thousand? easy peasy.


unclepaprika t1_ixvjkkk wrote

I've gotten several single people naked, wdym?


Imkindaalrightiguess t1_ixvnt6w wrote

It doesn't count if they're sleeping Mr. Cosby


unclepaprika t1_ixvo00m wrote

If you manage to undress someone, while they're sleeping, you would be a literal god and deserve to see them nekkid.


msur t1_ixw56ad wrote

If they're sleeping then they didn't give consent and you don't deserve shit.


uncle-brucie t1_ixx28e7 wrote

“Would dick your mom”? I can’t keep up with all these random acronyms.


MarmaladeMarmaduke t1_ixu1w6p wrote

Get a bunch of people outside and have them take off clothes. Now take pictures with a good camera. Add a little publicity and bam. Is there any money in it is the real question.


stater354 t1_ixxozy3 wrote

By taking pictures of large amounts of people nude


freezerbreezer t1_ixtn9rm wrote

Why do nude bodies in such large numbers don't feel arousing? Is there a number for everyone?


Lukarreon t1_ixu1n2y wrote

It's not the genitals itself that is arousing, but whom it's attached to.
It's why so many people pay for OnlyFans when there's plenty of free porn around; the woman interacting with you makes their porn much more attractive, I assume.


menlindorn t1_ixu9ib1 wrote

I assume


Lukarreon t1_ixua9oz wrote

... *wink*

But seriously, I once subscribed to one OnlyFan content creator (and wanted to subscribe to another one), but I cancelled it.
It's unreasonably expensive, like $20-$50 US dollars per month, or sometimes per single video.

Honestly not worth it.


vashoom t1_ixun9my wrote

Nudity isn't inherently sexual, period. Plus crowds of people don't register as many individuals but as a single new entity in your brain (i.e., one crowd). A thousand of the most attractive people in the world all grouped together in a crowd still just read as "crowd". You'd have to actively filter out people and focus on one or two at a time to see them as individual, attractive people again.


Nekopawed t1_ixvhzcw wrote

I did a nude figure drawing session recently. Group of artists and one nude model. Didn't feel sexual at all. I'm just staring at legs, feet, hands, face etc. Like it was very clinical. I feel the same way about getting nude in front of a doctor, they aren't a person judging me they're just doing their job.

Like you said, nothing inherently sexual about being nude. Like showering at gym or school. Wish we were more body positive instead of shaming it all.


vashoom t1_ixvjwub wrote

Yeah I think the sexualization comes from treating the human body as something taboo which has always seemed weird to me. Breasts and genitals aren't any different than by other body parts, and history shows us people will sexualize anything if the culture makes a taboo of it (uncovered ankles, back of the neck, whatever).

But it's hard to change.


Nekopawed t1_ixvkmco wrote

I'm going to a traditional hot spring with friends for my birthday in February and we are all going to get a bit more familiar with one another due to it. No bathing suits allowed. I'm sure there will be some giggling and nerves but soon feel normal.


dox1842 t1_ixw7l9b wrote

In japan?


Nekopawed t1_ixw97a8 wrote

No, it's in northern Virginia Pembroke Springs it is Japanese styled though


Cloaked42m t1_ixvyebk wrote

It's a time and situation thing. It's pretty easy to get over the yay boobs moment. Then it's just nudity.


mtgguy999 t1_ixzh0p9 wrote

Well most of the pics in the article people are facing away so you don’t see much. The one with some titties is very low resolution and hard to see details


RolletRogue t1_ixv0l1v wrote

Yes, when it does not look like a corpse pile or pile of seals, all while their faces are hidden. Of course they have a hot body as well. Even if they have hot bodies, their position should be in a sexy position (to each their own of course) and not lying down like the one in the image. I dont think ive seen anyone do that lying down pose in their images, nude or not.


a_phantom_limb t1_ixu1n88 wrote

Spencer Tunick! I took part in a photo shoot of his once. Over 2700 fully nude humans, myself included. It was, to say the least, a memorable experience.


brycepunk1 t1_ixv9xdx wrote

Me too! Phish festival back in 1996 (?) There were a couple thousand of us. One of the coolest experiences of my life, being naked out in the open surrounded by so many other naked people.


Kayorka t1_ixtgm6i wrote

At first glance I thought it was a bunch of seals lying on the beach!


Sonyguyus t1_ixtny9e wrote

So that’s where Australians flock to to mate, mate.


ThisLookInfectedToYa t1_ixuxfdt wrote

"Nude Art Project"


Spencer Tunick?


...yeah Spencer Tunick


teryakisan t1_ixw1mtj wrote

surprised at how far I had to scroll before someone mentioned him.


Neurocor t1_ixth6nu wrote

It was a cold, windy and intermittently rainy morning...

99% women showed up and 1 guy with a backpack in front of him


Charming_Job_2392 t1_ixty1vh wrote

I was part of his event in Hull, UK. It was a great experience.


Grakees t1_ixuxflq wrote

Now to look for the red fuzzy tipped bell-end; and the red and white striped penis shaft.


Moms4Crack t1_ixvar46 wrote

I was going to be in that picture but Greenpeace kept trying to drag me out to sea.


redunculuspanda t1_ixvegt8 wrote

Not particularly oniony is it?


DrakPhenious t1_ixvgb6b wrote

The title no, the article a bit. Thousands stripe down for charity for awareness of skin cancer, there by inviting skin cancer to a number representative of the number that die each year. I found it ironic at least that the number of people equal to that of the deaths of skin cancer possibly exposed themselves to the risk of skin cancer.


peds08 t1_ixym09b wrote

I was one of the nude participants. Great experience.


HKei t1_ixtxoxl wrote

Could've just come over here, plenty of nude people on beaches. Though usually with a bit more space between them.


lilgem369 t1_ixv7j48 wrote

What the heck is happening here in the bottom right? Knee highs while "naked" at the beach?


dustytrenchcoat t1_ixwd4kj wrote

Seagulls in this photo are just thinking "WTF, TOBY! WORMS EVERYWHERE!"


jdcuttingii t1_ixwgpqa wrote

That could be a great place to meet your next SO.


mitchsn t1_ixx9biw wrote

How is Bondi Rescue going to cover this?


Zoomiedude t1_iy07g2v wrote

Was clothing optional when I was there 40 years ago...


Kayterl t1_ixtguzg wrote

I'm thinking that what's worn on beaches nowadays, may as well be nude anyway