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saintshing t1_ixtqpai wrote

How does someone become a photographer being known for large scale nude shoots?


menlindorn t1_ixu9su3 wrote

buy a camera. it is remarkably easy to get people to get naked in large numbers. it's not about the nudity - it's about the numbers. people will do anything so long as they're part of a large group doing it. try to get a single person to take their clothes off, no way. but a thousand? easy peasy.


unclepaprika t1_ixvjkkk wrote

I've gotten several single people naked, wdym?


Imkindaalrightiguess t1_ixvnt6w wrote

It doesn't count if they're sleeping Mr. Cosby


unclepaprika t1_ixvo00m wrote

If you manage to undress someone, while they're sleeping, you would be a literal god and deserve to see them nekkid.


msur t1_ixw56ad wrote

If they're sleeping then they didn't give consent and you don't deserve shit.


uncle-brucie t1_ixx28e7 wrote

“Would dick your mom”? I can’t keep up with all these random acronyms.


MarmaladeMarmaduke t1_ixu1w6p wrote

Get a bunch of people outside and have them take off clothes. Now take pictures with a good camera. Add a little publicity and bam. Is there any money in it is the real question.


stater354 t1_ixxozy3 wrote

By taking pictures of large amounts of people nude