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vashoom t1_ixvjwub wrote

Yeah I think the sexualization comes from treating the human body as something taboo which has always seemed weird to me. Breasts and genitals aren't any different than by other body parts, and history shows us people will sexualize anything if the culture makes a taboo of it (uncovered ankles, back of the neck, whatever).

But it's hard to change.


Nekopawed t1_ixvkmco wrote

I'm going to a traditional hot spring with friends for my birthday in February and we are all going to get a bit more familiar with one another due to it. No bathing suits allowed. I'm sure there will be some giggling and nerves but soon feel normal.


dox1842 t1_ixw7l9b wrote

In japan?


Nekopawed t1_ixw97a8 wrote

No, it's in northern Virginia Pembroke Springs it is Japanese styled though