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TransmutedHydrogen t1_ixty9xb wrote

Well, when life gives you lemons


menlindorn t1_ixu8uup wrote

you shoot heroin?


jordantask t1_ixuadso wrote

Or make heroin anyway.


TransmutedHydrogen t1_ixuam9r wrote

Only by mistake


jordantask t1_ixuaqo0 wrote

By mistake or “by mistake?”


TransmutedHydrogen t1_ixveu4i wrote

I can answer that question - for money!


jordantask t1_ixw63g7 wrote

To buy some of that heroin she’s making “by accident?”


Eldachleich t1_ixucv0m wrote

To be fair opium poppies come in tons of colours and petal shapes. And you can just buy the seeds at most garden centers and stores. So it's not like they are uncommon.


TwentySevenNihilists t1_ixvcl3w wrote

I love seeing the occasional headline about "opium poppies" being found somewhere. They should read, "regular-ass poppies found growing somewhere; they all produce opium."


OldRustBucket t1_ixvedxr wrote

There is a cultivar (Sujata) that produces no gum/latex at all. So not all poppies produce opium.

Out of the ones not gentetically engineered for more opium p. Somniferum, or the 'opium poppy' does produce the highest quantity. So it is understandable why they use the name I think; however, you are correct in that the majority of poppies can be used in the cultivation of opiates


TwentySevenNihilists t1_ixvleoi wrote

I've wondered for a long time about the degree of difference between somniferum and the rest of the family. There must be significant differences in the dozens of chemicals that make up opium between species.

Also, there must be a few cultivars of a plant that's been farmed for thousands of years and had at least one war named after it. I'd love to know some of that agricultural history. How flexible is that phenotype?


OldRustBucket t1_ixvz7u2 wrote

I mean I think the other types do have varying levels of the alkaloids from opium, but p. Somniferum has a vastly higher amount. Although I can't immediately find statistics for that.

If you want to know more about agricultural history Kew Gardens wrote an interesting piece.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by your last question, sorry.


laptopdragon t1_ixtkpv7 wrote

I'm shocked, shocked I say.... well, not that shocked.


menlindorn t1_ixu8yff wrote

I have been shocked by the sudden discovery of drugs in my house and on my person. Several times. I don't know why people keep sneaking them on to me.


OneSidedDice t1_ixuvdx9 wrote

And so was sealed the fate

In pieces of eight

Of Tassie and all of the world.



Wewillhaveagood t1_ixu3oe8 wrote

Considering a tiny island like Tasmania is the source of 50% of the worlds' legally grown opium for processing into opiates like oxycontin and morphine, I especially doubt this


Em_Adespoton t1_ixv9ohv wrote

That’s the one thing that makes it credible to me. Seeds from a nearby regulated field could have escaped and mingled with her flower crop.

Doesn’t seem to be what happened though as other reports stated that she was shocked she purchased opium poppy seeds.


Plethora_of_squids t1_ixvbyk3 wrote

Actually no, Australia has quite strict rules regarding poppies. You have to get a permit to grow these poppies and outside that it's illegal, even on a personal level. Even varieties that have been altered to not produce the opiate precursor aren't allowed.


Terrariola t1_ixynnfe wrote

> Actually no, Australia has quite strict rules regarding poppies. You have to get a permit to grow these poppies and outside that it's illegal, even on a personal level.

  1. Literally, literally 1984.

> Even varieties that have been altered to not produce the opiate precursor aren't allowed.

The above, but without the sarcasm.


Wewillhaveagood t1_iy6msst wrote

I'm days late, but you've missed my point - these are commercial farms for industry


ThePacmandevil t1_ixwts37 wrote

what a nice, free country.


Chief_Beef_BC t1_ixwvw5w wrote

They let y’all make drugs where you’re from?


CoffeeFox t1_ixx9c0o wrote

Papaver somniferum seeds are sold at garden stores in the US, Canada, the UK, and as far as I am aware all of Europe.

Australia is unusually restrictive and paternal in their governance, generally. Adults cannot purchase video games that portray drug use without moralizing against it, for example, because it is impossible to be adult enough in Australia to make that kind of purchasing decision without permission from a surrogate parent.


Lentemern t1_ixyez25 wrote

They let us exist in the vicinity of a plant, yes.


ShadowDragon8685 t1_iy073d2 wrote

Australia is the country which tried to introduce minimum breast and hip dimensions for pornography actresses, out of fear that particularly lithe ladies might "excite paedophiles."

So yes, Australia is well-known for being overly-paternalistic in its regulations, and this coming from someone who is constantly screaming for more regulations.


Lentemern t1_iy0v1hw wrote

Wouldn't that be a good thing? If pedos are jerking off to adults rather than actual children?


ShadowDragon8685 t1_iy1si8z wrote

Are you expecting backwards-ass, patriarchial, moralizing lawmakers to make laws and public policy that make sense from a "how do we shape the law to cause the most good for the most people without doing harm to anyone"?

Because they're coming at this from the perspective of "those people are ways that we don't like, how can we shape the law to inconvenience, harm, and kill them as expediently as possible!"


ThePacmandevil t1_ixxplnk wrote

I can legally grow weed in my backyard, and buy poppy seeds at pretty much any gardening section.

if growing opium free poppies counts as "making drugs" down under, no wonder it's a nanny state.


JakobtheRich t1_ixwmf87 wrote

I mean I feel like that it makes it more likely because there are tons of opium poppies around, I could see seeds blowing all over the place.

I would doubt that Tasmania has much of an illegal opium production problem because it seems like a horrible place to try and run an illegal market out of because it’s super far away from like 98% of the worlds population and there are no land routes to anywhere.


Kondrias t1_ixua2dd wrote

This is fascinatingly weird. On one hand, yeah, it is unlikely they would "mistakenly" plant opium poppy. But, if you were intentionally planting opium illegally, you wouldn't post it on your Instagram, right? But, even the authorities were saying, there are not alike, they are pretty different this mix up is ungodly unlikely...

Either this lady is in a perfect swirl of bafoonery and has just been lucky enough to not do anything lethal, or things got WEIRD somewhere in the process.


rood_sandstorm t1_ixufl5a wrote

Is it even illegal to have a few plants? It’s not like you’re growing a farm


StoopidHippie t1_ixuhtm5 wrote

I can only speak of the state in the US in which I live: it is legal to grow poppies, but illegal to harvest or have the latex in your possession.


MarmaladeMarmaduke t1_ixumhmu wrote

Interesting... so I'm gonna start a new hobby. Just eating the pods is a pretty good time from what I understand.


StoopidHippie t1_ixur9z7 wrote

Please don't. If you're not an opioid user, you would be eventually. I was a junky for 15 years. I've been clean for 25 years (yay!). If I had it to do over, I would have never touched the first opioid; they're life enders on many levels. I'm not here to peach, just hate to think of someone going through addiction. I wish you the best- the best choices and the best life.


MarmaladeMarmaduke t1_ixus6fk wrote

Thank you... I guess I shouldn't joke about drug use when I'm not on drug subs. I have not made the best decisions. I'm not an addict just depressed. I smoke a lot of weed and drink a bit too much and enjoy some percocets here and there but they are crazy expensive. I wouldn't actually start growing poppies as I'm sure it wouldn't be legal for a long hair hippy like myself in an American court. Its just fun to fantasize about.

Edit: and I've been doing occasional opiates for about 25 years. Never got addicted. I can't go near stimulants though because I will continue using those until I dig myself a hole all the way to China and pop out the other end a sex slave.


dishonestresponse t1_ixv1ni5 wrote

Just based on my own experience, start cutting back on drinking and smoke as much weed as you want. Alcohol is not helping your depression. In fact, it's most likely making it harder for you to get out of your depression. I wish I would have realized this sooner. You probably already know all of this but I know I still appreciate reminders sometimes. Best of luck. Depression and addiction can be a bitch.


MarmaladeMarmaduke t1_ixxb88q wrote

Thanks. The drinking was honestly never really my thing but I'm on probation currently so I can't indulge the weed and I absolutely need something to relax after work so this is the year of being an alcoholic for me. I'm not addicted though. I don't have any booze currently and won't be able to get any for a week and I'm fine with that even though I've been drinking a half gallon a week for about 8 months straight. I don't think I get physically addicted as easily as some but I get mentally addicted easier than most.


StoopidHippie t1_ixv2pwm wrote

Absolutely! The herb will help you, the drink will destroy you.


garry4321 t1_ixv8qe1 wrote

Not necessarily. There are tons of weed smokers wasting their life away addicted (yes psychological addiction IS still an addiction) to smoking weed. I’ve known tons of stoners just wasting their lives high in their parents basement. Couldn’t go an hour without smoking.


DonaldTrumpIsTupac t1_ixvbtsy wrote

Maybe those guys just suck as people anyway, with or without drugs.


garry4321 t1_ixvcq00 wrote

They aren’t bad people, they are just pissing their lives away addicted to weed. Weed is helpful for some people, but saying that weed is the solution for everyone is dangerous and incorrect.

The fact that they need to smoke and will literally mould their days and activities around getting high is just sad. They would be doing so much better if they just quit and didn’t have to be high 24/7.

I say this as someone who smokes weed too. I’m sick of stoner culture and the whole “weed is the ultimate cure and has zero negatives” lie that stoner culture pushes. Weed is a drug like any other. Sure it may not be as physically dangerous, but it still can fuck up people’s lives.


hayseed_byte t1_ixwjfd6 wrote

Anything done to excess is bad.

If they sat in their mom's basement drinking grape juice, I wouldn't say the grape juice ruined their lives.

Or if instead of getting high, they sat down there playing minecraft, I wouldn't say minecraft ruined their lives.


garry4321 t1_ixwk3y4 wrote

Yes, but grape juice isn’t a drug that physically gets you high, so that’s quite a false equivalency to compare juice to a literal drug. Grape juice also doesn’t have scientific evidence of it interacting negatively with lots of mental illnesses.

What I’m saying is that the whole stoner culture of acting like weed is some cure-all and is 100% helpful and better for everyone to be doing; is just plain dangerous. It’s a drug, and like any drug it has negatives and DOES ruin lives. Maybe not as much as other drugs, but we need to stop pretending it’s a perfect substance.


idigclams t1_ixvmzsh wrote

This is the hard truth. People who are assholes are assholes, in which case drugs and booze just help them be bigger assholes. At least someone smoking weed in their parents’ basement isn’t likely out robbing people for a fix, or drunk driving, or killing their own kids to appease some imagined demon - things people claim they have done because of an uncontrollable physical addiction.


browtfareyoudoing t1_ixvva7c wrote

Yeah weed isnt the smoking gun that is their bullshittery lol

They definitely don’t need to fuck around with the hard stuff though.


MrTorben t1_ixwfzbk wrote

I am happy to hear you fought this incredible battle and came out on top. Too many don't manage to conquer this miserable evil of a MF illness.


StoopidHippie t1_ixx9o64 wrote

Thank you so very much. The mantra in my head these days is: "I was one of the lucky ones". It is a horrid paradox. The solution is so very simple, but not simple at all. Most cessation programs are NA, AA. I disagree with the 12 step programs that demand you proclaim that you're powerless. Nah, just gotta be sick of being something you never thought you'd ever become. Powerless? Hell no, every one of us have the power. It's a matter of will. I wanted dope Every. Single. Day. For ten years straight, give or take a few months. Now, I wouldn't touch it for ANY amount of money.This may sound cheesy or cliche but, if I can do it- ANYONE can do it.


Dick_Grimes t1_ixusbnh wrote

Read "Your Mind on Plants" and you will get the full answer. Which is, if they want to, you will go to jail. No matter what.


Malawi_no t1_ixw0o6m wrote

I see no problem in mistakenly planting opium poppy as long as you expect it to be some regular garden variety.


thefirstgarbanzo t1_ixuo40l wrote

There are many varieties of poppy that produce opium. Your mom probably grows opium poppies.


Plethora_of_squids t1_ixv49eq wrote

if your mum grows poppies for using in recipes, she's definitely growing opium poppies. And if you have some poppy seeds in your cupboard, that's the exact same poppy.

poppy seed is a common ingredient in central/east European deserts and you need a lot of it. And the poppy used - the breadseed poppy - is the exact same plant as the opium poppy. This isn't a 'hur dur opium recipes' thing, it is legitimately the same poppy. Those alkaloids that can make opium when harvested as latex degrade into something inert but tasty by the time the bud has turned to seed.

Alternatively if you have any carnation poppies, they are, once again, Papaver somniferum. Opium poppies.


LavaMcLampson t1_ixuystb wrote

All poppies produce opium. Obviously some have been selectively bred to maximise yield but you can absolutely extract opium from any poppy with nothing more than hot water.


Kassssler t1_ixx8gm2 wrote

Ok. No particular reason, but after I extract it how do I process it into heroin?


Malawi_no t1_ixw0tt5 wrote

I have field poppies, and apparently they contain a low level of opium.


Plethora_of_squids t1_ixvboo7 wrote

I know the headline is funny and the article really undersells it, but this is genuinely a really easy thing to do. Carnation poppies are a popular ornamental plant, bread seed poppies are a big part of some European deserts, and all of these types of poppies are the exact same Papaver somniferum. You probably have some in your cabinet right now as bagel seasoning or as a spice, and planting it might be considered a felony. Hell in some countries like South Korea poppy seeds in all forms even for culinary purposes are illegal because of this.

I imagine what happened is that a European seed company (where opium poppies are a common garden plant) sold this thinking that it would be OK because this subspecies has been altered to have lower alkaloid levels.


DinoOnAcid t1_ixuylte wrote

Didn't read the article but planting opium poppy by mistake is not unrealistic, especially as they often even plant themselves in some parts.


kynthrus t1_ixu76nw wrote

Absolutely flabbergasted! Stunned! I dare say... Unawares!!!


talrogsmash t1_ixw5m3q wrote

TIL if you order poppy seeds from enough different suppliers, eventually one of them will send you opium by mistake.


ZenPR t1_ixwlcph wrote

The Tasmanian opium poppy farming industry was established in Tasmania in 1966. [1] [2] Farms in Tasmania produce about 50% [3] of the world's licit poppy straw which is later refined into opiates such as morphine and codeine.


stormrockox t1_ixupexg wrote

"I swear officer these are supposed to be flowers"


colombo1326 t1_ixupurr wrote

I am so shocked mr police officer!!!! I thought I was planting Rose bushes


Koolest_Kat t1_ixvbb9b wrote

Posted this before but my FIL cared for some pretty “volunteer” plants on the back edge of his Tomato plot. I kindly took care of those pesky weeds for him….


MeIncogNeto t1_ixvoce9 wrote

Gardner: Woah, this is crazy... I accidentally planted opium poppy instead of poinsettias

Police: Yeah we've heard this one before


Cwallace98 t1_ixw46cw wrote

Happy accidents. Maybe too happy even.


prankored t1_ixw593n wrote

Damn those rats stealing weed and planting opium!


Flash635 t1_ixw8xcg wrote

Where did she get the seeds?


CoffeeFox t1_ixx8ojk wrote

Papaver somniferum -is- an ornamental. You can buy them at a florist, and I've seen seeds for them at every garden store I've ever been to.

There's even a cultivar called the Tasmanian poppy.


8-36 t1_ixtyfsm wrote



Fishtank-Brain t1_ixw88tw wrote

most medical opium is grown in tasmania. i’m guessing they were trying to sell on the black market and got caught


Nazamroth t1_ixwajtf wrote

Wait, so is *this* what the anime/manga trope of yakuza doing a side gig as flower shop owners is about?


Dick_Grimes t1_ixuskl7 wrote

For those of you wanting to know the whys for the rules and if you will be punished for having the plants, the book "Your Mind on Plants" explains it all. Short answer is yes you're going to jail for having pretty flowers whose petals make Oxy.


DinoOnAcid t1_ixuy1jg wrote

Thank god poppies don't make oxy. Or any other plant.

Also in wide parts of the world it's totally legal to have opium poppies.