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DSoopy t1_iy5incn wrote

The problem is not that she had OF the problem is she did a video on a classroom, in a school full of minors.

I swear every fucking time if a creep or pervert does some fucked up shit but they are a woman everyone gets really permissive. Imagine saying that a guy masturbating and filming himself at a school and SELLING IT was the fault of low living wages. There are times when society is at fault. This is not one of those


MagnificentBastard0 t1_iy5mxoc wrote

> The problem is not that she had OF the problem is she did a video on a classroom, in a school full of minors.

There were no minors in the school when it was filmed.

“No children were harmed in the making of this video.”

However, the real problem is Puritanism - why can’t this teacher participate in the sexual economy? Why can’t anyone?

EDIT: Several responses have dealt with unprofessionalism, which is not being argued.

It’s the condemnation and overreaction that is problematic.


SomebodyInNevada t1_iy5nvxe wrote

OnlyFans has a rule against content produced in public places since they have no way of knowing if someone might walk in on the scene by accident. Now, she can know she locked the doors but they don't.


SellDonutsAtMyDoor t1_iy5qxx9 wrote

I think the problem is 'why can this teacher film porn in a room used by children soon after and soon before?', and I don't think that's a bad question. I'm not sure what exactly she was doing, but the cleaners at my school didn't wipe down the tabletops half the time.

I'm all for sex work and I know people who have done sex work, but filming stuff like that in an actual classroom is surely just asking for trouble.


ash_274 t1_iy69fp2 wrote

She can rent a studio, she can make some corner of her home look like a classroom, she can green-screen a classroom, or she can apply for a film permit like anyone else that is filming for commercial purposes is supposed to do.


not_a_turnip t1_iy60fc1 wrote

No, the real problem is she was doing it at work like wtf


MagnificentBastard0 t1_iy60yym wrote

Unprofessional, but forgivable.

If she had been using the classroom on the weekend for labeling jars of home preserves to sell, that would also have been unprofessional.

And about as harmful to the space and the children who will be back next week.

As for why, she’s (is/was) a teacher, so getting bus-ay in a classroom plays into a sexual fantasy. Which probably wouldn’t be that attractive if it wasn’t “forbidden fruit”.

So, atrocious or hot depending on your perspective. 😄


rct1 t1_iy8q4dy wrote

If I own an office, and you work there for me, you can use the office to work for me. You cannot use the office to start your own company on the side and run it on the weekends.

It doesn’t matter if it’s preserves or porn, you abused your privilege to try to make money on the side using your employers resource.


ZeroAfro t1_iy7d2hi wrote

Doesn't matter if kids were in school or not. She was removed from onlyfans because ofnthat and her having a onlyfans AND filming in a classroom is a bad look on the school so they fired her.

I don't care about people doing whatever they want. The school has the right to fire her and onlyfans has the right to remove her.

Filming in the school was a dumb fucking idea and there are consequences for for her choice.

She would have been perfectly fine if she kept it hidden from students AND didn't involve the school.


MagnificentBastard0 t1_iyamw9v wrote

I think school teachers should be allowed to marry have an OF. That’s not related to their teaching position.

Filming in the school is unprofessional and if the school’s panties are bunched they of course can fire her. But I assume they can also fire her for anything.

If it was your school to run you could also overreact as much as you see fit.

The tempest is still firmly in the teapot.


heliogoon t1_iy7cckj wrote

This is just one of those issues where there will always be a double standard. Women will always get less backlash then men.


AjahnAnarchy t1_iy6n3o0 wrote

The problem is that people think the imagined trauma of knowing someone fucked in your classroom(trauma really is inappropriate here) matters more than the pressure that gets a teacher to film porn in her public classroom.


JazzLobster t1_iy7o8so wrote

Since when has being underpaid been a get out of jail card for all kinds of questionable behavior? If a teacher weighing her options arrived at the conclusion that this is the most sensible way to make more money, then I'm not sure she's fit to be a teacher.


AjahnAnarchy t1_iyb9egz wrote

I’m sorry, what mailable offense was committed? She didn’t break the law, she broke OnlyFans TOS.

And all your brains when you found out some rooms don’t stay empty when you leave them for the weekend. Oooohhh! 😱


sparkleyflowers t1_iy5k13z wrote

First if all, you need to re-read the first line of my comment. You’re arguing against a point that no one made. Secondly, she didn’t do this with children present. You’re aware that children leave the school when class isn’t in session, right?


XadeXal t1_iy5v0o1 wrote

So it's okay for a male teacher to masturbate in a classroom if there are no kids?


sparkleyflowers t1_iy5vbeb wrote

Nice straw man. Don’t forget to give it a hat.


XadeXal t1_iy5w7bd wrote

If a girl can masturbate in a school, then so can a guy. True gender equality. But if it was me I would rather not do it in a building for children, because that's just gross.


sparkleyflowers t1_iy5wl5c wrote

Do you have anything to say about the argument I made, or are you just gonna keep making shit up for your own amusement?


XadeXal t1_iy5xjnc wrote

She masturbate is a SCHOOL, everything else is irrelevant. I'd does not matter why she did it. I don't care that a teacher had an only fans. They get paid little. As soon as you bring children into a sexual situation everything else becomes irrelevant. And I doesn't matter if kids were at the school or not. School is supposed to be a safe place for children. And kids are always at school, even on weekends for sports. There is nothing you can say to excuse masturbating in a CHILDS institution.


sparkleyflowers t1_iy5xzr9 wrote

What are you even doing? Are you building an army of straw men? Go clutch your pearls at someone else.


XadeXal t1_iy5z58c wrote

Masturbating to children is gross. Just stop.


sparkleyflowers t1_iy5z9c3 wrote

You’re welcome to make your own post making your own arguments. No one is stopping you.


LonelyGamer1337 t1_iy7332l wrote

Although it wasn't your original intention I think this guy raised a valid point. Which is the fact that if this was a guy in this story this entire reddit thread would be crucifying him and not suggesting "well that sucks he had to do sex work on the side".

I'm sure that's not a topic you wanted to entertain but I think that particular criticism was valid and also agreed that teachers probably should get paid a bit more.