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AjahnAnarchy t1_iy6n3o0 wrote

The problem is that people think the imagined trauma of knowing someone fucked in your classroom(trauma really is inappropriate here) matters more than the pressure that gets a teacher to film porn in her public classroom.


JazzLobster t1_iy7o8so wrote

Since when has being underpaid been a get out of jail card for all kinds of questionable behavior? If a teacher weighing her options arrived at the conclusion that this is the most sensible way to make more money, then I'm not sure she's fit to be a teacher.


AjahnAnarchy t1_iyb9egz wrote

I’m sorry, what mailable offense was committed? She didn’t break the law, she broke OnlyFans TOS.

And all your brains when you found out some rooms don’t stay empty when you leave them for the weekend. Oooohhh! 😱