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Rosebunse t1_iy68y09 wrote

Does the money even go to the actual Taliban at this point? Most of it just goes towards making these few guys rich while the actual people on the ground live in squalor..


TheJunklest t1_iy6a2y5 wrote

The money comes from below, too. The article says that the Haqqani network extorted money from Afghan citizens.


Rosebunse t1_iy6blow wrote

The Afghan people are starving but at least the Taliban leaders all have new sport cars and new penthouses.


Aporkalypse_Sow t1_iy6rzcg wrote

Another way that the GOP copies the taliban. No wonder they hate each other, stealing ideas.


TheJunklest t1_iy8pghj wrote

Copy how? Nobody held me at gunpoint to take my pocket change and use it to build any public project.


Woopigmob t1_iy78zik wrote

Biden just pulled this move on us. Buffett bought the whole Dem party last election cycle to shut our ability to strike down.


TheJunklest t1_iy8ounh wrote

Nobody can stop you from striking.


TheJunklest t1_iy9ip2y wrote

I read it and don't see the relevance. Nothing there prevents a strike.


Woopigmob t1_iydi30n wrote

If Joe forces a contract on us that we don't want any strike will be a wildcat strike. A wildcat strike means we are liable for damages. Our union will be dissolved and we will have liens put on our homes. We can also face jail time. Railway Labor Act.


Woopigmob t1_iy9b79r wrote

He's just another company bitch pandering on TV. He could care less about the common man.


RadicalPenguin t1_iy5rarh wrote

Say what you want about their terrorist ways, but their business acumen is second to none.


shaunot t1_iy6poqi wrote

They got money for nothing and their guns for free


ballrus_walsack t1_iy6uohc wrote

That ain’t workin’


Stachemaster86 t1_iy6uz3o wrote

That’s the way you do it


realhf93 t1_iy6xi6z wrote

Money for nothin


DrugsArentAlwaysBad t1_iy5mqx4 wrote

Good for them. It sounds like they had a gruelling plan and schedule to adhere to, and followed it perfectly.

Hard work always pays off. The taliban are living proof. Well done, lads!


greetp t1_iy740be wrote

Ah the Taliban.

Putting the “fun” back into fundamentalism for 30 years.


OffendedByMyInnuendo t1_iy75qhh wrote

Just another great reason for me not to watch a single minute of this farce


slapstickshemp t1_iy6guzv wrote

One would think that equipment could be better used to rebuild their own country instead of profiting from sports in another country. But hey, nothing says legitimate government like insiders profiting while people suffer.


FewImprovement6877 t1_iy7ua5e wrote

Based on the amount of spelling errors in the article, I think this is not true


No-Jellyfish-876 t1_iy7v4w7 wrote

It's obviously typical racist propaganda..."oh you see these rich arabs with camals the money they made is noe going to terrorists"


PrecursorNL t1_iy7hb5s wrote

Ironic how they quote someone saying that the world doesn't care about oppression if it is entertained... Only to post a piece themselves on taliban funding followed by a piece on how Portugal won a game in the world cup. Absolutely pinnacle of clickbait fuckery.


minnesotaris t1_iy6psq7 wrote

The whole WC outcome of winners has no influence on anything in the real world. It’s all a skim operation and Qatar knows it.


4354574 t1_iy7cv28 wrote

I thought the World Cup was associated with the heathen and heretical outside world.


Swedishboy360 t1_iy8i3ar wrote

This article reads like a child wrote it. I'm calling bs


spydersens t1_iy8xboe wrote

Is anyone ever surprised to hear that big money meddles in politics and feeds it back?


morgulbrut t1_iy7vdnk wrote

The Taliban are amateurs, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas made millions from Qatar during the same time, without the need to provide construction equipement.