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Dudeist-Priest t1_iy6dn6y wrote

If you get mad playing risk, NEVER play Diplomacy


Sir-Viette t1_iy6rx97 wrote

This week, Meta launched an open source Diplomacy-playing AI called Cicero. So now our computers can get mad and punch out brothers for us.


sivf18 t1_iy74gdm wrote

Shit I don’t know which is scarier, a mad jester obsessed with corpse or an AI. That name are bad news


Rezzone t1_iy7nnby wrote

A Diplomacy reference in the wild. I am beaming.


Mummelpuffin t1_iy95jz5 wrote

Never heard of this before, but Neptune's Pride has a similar vibe, specifically like playing Diplomacy PBP. It's all alliances and backstabbing, and it takes many IRL hours for ships to move between star systems and for research to happen. Games can potentially last a month. Playing it with people you know is a nightmare since real life continues on as you all erode each other's trust.


Dudeist-Priest t1_iy9bizm wrote

> Neptune's Pride

Sweet! I'm a board game fan and this is right up my alley. Nice to have a web-based option