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AZScienceTeacher t1_iy85m0d wrote

My big brother always wanted to be the banker. I finally realized he was embezzling from the bank and would always win. I was around 10 and he 15. My two sisters, both older often played too.

So one day, I decided to just go into the box and lift some cash, hide it in my room, and dominate the next time we played. Unfortunately, my stupid ass took almost all the 500s and I was quickly found out.

My brother tattled to my mom who said I wasn't allowed to play that game. She didn't say I wasn't allowed to watch my brother like a fucking hawk. As soon as he started cheating (he hid money under his leg and would pull a bill or two out at a time), I found my mom and told her what was going on. She came in, verified that he was, in fact cheating, and grounded his ass for a week.

Yeah, I got beat up later. The funny thing is he capped out at around 5'8", and I made it to 6 feet and was in much better shape than his slovenly ass. So then the tables were turned and he got his comeuppance several times. We haven't really talked since he became a huge fan of that guy that was elected in 2016.