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HengeGuardian t1_iy7rx8u wrote

Okay, was anyone going to tell me that the US & Canada don't use A4 as the measurement for a standard piece of paper, or was I just supposed to read that in this article about white paper no longer being sold in China?


unrealcyberfly t1_iy7t0b6 wrote

The US doesn't use any sane method of measurement. So why would they use it for paper?


Two sheets of a5 are one sheet of a4. Two sheets of a4 are one sheet of a3. The ratio of the sheet stays the same. Easy, beautiful.


peensteen t1_iy9zkqk wrote

Meh, the metric system has no soul. It's something a robot would come up with. Imperial measurements are like a little puzzle to solve, having to remember how many teaspoons are in a pint.


aishik-10x t1_iya1pkd wrote

I’ve come across many Americans who unironically believe this.


peensteen t1_iyad1x8 wrote

It's a pain in the ass, but we don't really have many traditions to cling to. We don't have royal weddings, ancient languages, or castles.


710AlpacaBowl t1_iya6beb wrote

Nice try be we all know the real imperial system uses giraffes, bananas, and beer cans


sebjapon t1_iy83sfg wrote

I learned it when doing my masters. Every international papers are in the “letter” format so you get a warning every time you try to print something in A4, and have to switch all your software settings to “letter” format output or you can’t even submit papers.

It felt like the mom and the autistic meme where you wonder “why USA can’t be normal?”


Wiggy_0000 t1_iy7o1rm wrote

I know this is supposed to be serious but I can’t get over the words “country’s top stationary supplier”


rayk9000 t1_iy8c2yq wrote

How could there not be enough paper in China?

Is CCP interfering in the delivery of... paper?


thescreech t1_iy9f9oz wrote

Everyone gets everything according to their needs- supplied by the government. CCP isn't interfering- they RUN THE SHOW


doitddd t1_iy9bqna wrote

Another BS news. In the article itself has said the picture on social media was faked, M&G already released official statements addressing this issue. There has been stop of shipment targeting certain areas due to Covid policy, but that banned every mail from going in and out, which I guess does include papers. And CNN used two user from social media as their evidence, like we haven’t seen enough untruth on them.


ProFoxxxx OP t1_iy9c2ka wrote

Is satire allowed in China?


doitddd t1_iy9d031 wrote

It is, but if news use unreliable sources and information without verifying, what’s separating them from the onion?


MeanGreanHare t1_iy9z7ch wrote

Go ahead China. Go ahead and ban A4 paper.

The people will just start using A3 paper, literally twice the size of A4. A0 is 16 times the size of A4.


waylandsmith t1_iya5h90 wrote

With ISO paper sizes, the loophole is easy: Buy A3 paper, fold it in half and cut along the fold for 2 pieces of A4. A3 banned? Fold A2 in half, cut, now you have 2 pieces of A3. Another loophole? Most printed paper is only one sided! Turn it over and now you have a blank page!

But seriously, Chinese government, you're making yourself look idiotic. If your own people can make you so afraid of a piece of blank paper that you need to try to ban the sale of it, you've lost.