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Kabukimansanjoe t1_iy9rhon wrote

We’re gonna start seeing microwave wattage breakouts on cooking instructions, aren’t we.


Clever_display_name t1_iy9su53 wrote

I just wanna start seeing ‘from box to mouth’ times on packages because I’m a degenerate Redditor.


Snoo-61716 t1_iyankkf wrote

wait, you guys don't have wattage labels on your microwave stuff?


I_cantdoit t1_iycr5w3 wrote

US food labelling tends not to be as comprehensive as EU


broberds t1_iyd0tl6 wrote

Some products do but it’s not universal.


No-Estimate-8518 t1_iyacmo0 wrote

We used to see that.


nothansff t1_iyaehuk wrote

I honestly love when they add wattage recommendations. Helps you dial it in better, though I doubt many people are such high-class chefs like me. Playing that microwave like a fiddle I tell ya.


alxwak t1_iycppsc wrote

So you have dived in the forbidden knowledge of the microwave then! You're one of them that makes one minute rice in 58.6 seconds! And has turned the beeping off!


RetrogradeUranus t1_iy9s8n7 wrote

> The product’s instructions say to microwave the cup for 3½ minutes. But Ramirez’s attorneys argue this number doesn’t account for the other four steps required to prepare the pasta: removing the lid and sauce pouch, adding water, microwaving, and stirring, according to court documents. The additional steps mean it’s impossible for the mac and cheese to be ready in just three and a half minutes, according to the complaint

It should be like the Back to the Future hydrator. LoL God forbid we have to work a little for our food.


APiousCultist t1_iy9rtw9 wrote

She might have an honest argument for damages if she'd bought $5,000,000 worth of Velveeta.


sharlayan t1_iy9rxsi wrote

I really do wish we actually followed penalties for frivolous lawsuits


enderandrew42 t1_iy9vofp wrote

This was filed by a lawyer who constantly files class action lawsuits against big food brands and they usually don't go to trial.


thepurplehedgehog t1_iycpfbt wrote

Ugh, tell me this woman has more money than sense without telling me she has more money than sense.


Vercinacox t1_iydqs3n wrote

Don't need to, she said it all without saying a word by doing this, lol.


Kman1986 t1_iy9susa wrote

In other news: Texas Pete still not made in Texas.


[deleted] t1_iy9w3o5 wrote



Sonyguyus t1_iye6q5q wrote

Honestly that’s a work problem and not a velveeta problem. She can prepare it the night before if she’s so worried about time.


Worsel555 t1_iya5nuq wrote

I have people who make mine. So I'll check with them.


thepurplehedgehog t1_iycpbrk wrote

I'm going to sue the state of Florida! It's advertised as the Sunshine State but when I was 8 it rained there more than once, destroyed my trip to Disney and now I suffer from long term trauma! I deserve this money!


peensteen t1_iye7u6z wrote

If she's feeding Velveeta to her kids, she should be charged with child abuse. Bleh.


herewego199209 t1_iy9rr1q wrote

I always wonder are lawyers just looking to sucker people into legal fees or do these cases often times result in a decent settlement and that's why lawyers take them on? I know the McDonalds settlement for the hot coffee was like a huge million+ dollars award, but I think the actual coffee was legitimately like nuclear hot. In this case this doesn't even sound like it would even it make it to a judge before being thrown out.


sharlayan t1_iy9s1x9 wrote

The coffee was so hot she had third degree burns on her legs and needed tons of surgeries and skin grafts. This was actually warranted in her case


nothansff t1_iyafnyo wrote

Warranted is probably an understatement too, because all she wanted was medical costs I believe... and McDonalds went full psycho ex, trying to burn her reputation to the ground and destroy her.


sharlayan t1_iyajin5 wrote

That's very true, all she wanted was payment for what was millions of dollars of medical debt and she got a smear campaign rallied against her for years


nothansff t1_iyalv2w wrote

> Liebeck sought to settle with McDonald's for $20,000 to cover her medical expenses.

She asked for basically nothing from McDonald's, and underestimated her own damages probably just wanting to get it over with. It's like the extreme of the extreme both ways. Her barely wanting anything, and McDonald's doing their best movie villain monolouge.


humanesadness t1_iychy7m wrote

I mean the question really is, if you think a company should either a) be held liable for self inflicted damages (gun companies would hate this but also every sharp option will become a lot more expensive) or b) that companies should be able to get sued if they have food and drinks above a certain temperature even if their is no law about it. (Seems weird of it isnt illegal yet but is an understandable point of reference to take)


BridgeCrewFour t1_iydoyu6 wrote

Naw, they found that McDonald's had known about their coffee being too hot for 10 years before the lady (lots of burn complaints). Their own QA team said that the required temps were too hot to even drink without burning yourself. It's insane they never changed it before, and all things considered they got a slap on the wrist.


humanesadness t1_iychl0n wrote

The thing is i know all these facts. Yet i still think awarding damages for it is wrong. The almost boiling point of drinks is also not that weird and still served in other places. I dont think she was a bad person or looking for a payday. But i dont think mcdonalds should have been held liable. It seems very weird that this lawsuit worked but tabacco companies and oil companies still exist while they did purposely killed their consumers.

But I understand that this is a different philosophy than most americans have where personal responsibility is less important (look at fences, microwave instructions etc.)


sharlayan t1_iycogj4 wrote

It was proven during the trial that if the coffee was even just 30 degrees cooler, she would have had exponentially more time to remove the pants that had covered her legs in the coffee. 190F is damn near boiling point, and McDonald's excuse that they wanted the coffee to be warm for a customer's trip was rendered moot by the fact that it was found most of them drank the coffee immediately. She was also far from the only one to have gotten hurt from their coffee. Her case was just the most severe.

She had 3 seconds before her skin was badly burnt. If the coffee was 160F like what many other places serve their coffee at, she could have had up to 20 seconds, which is a world of difference when you're trying to pull your pants down.

Oil companies and Tabacco companies don't actively set out to kill their customers, though neither does McDonald's. It's very understood that Tabacco causes many health problems, and people that smoke understand this. Its not expected that hot coffee is gonna scald your legs beyond recognition in 3 seconds because you spilled it on yourself.


humanesadness t1_iycwyx2 wrote

Tabacco companies lied to the public about the safety of their product. Oil companies lied to the public about the safety of theirs. Literally millions die because of those lies…


sharlayan t1_iyd0a5m wrote

And they are extremely heavily regulated as a result of this


joeri1505 t1_iya0vea wrote

>In this case this doesn't even sound like it would even it make it to a judge before being thrown out.

Soooooo maybe you didn't hear enough on this case and are jumping to conclusions, just like all those people in the McDonalds coffee case?


RailwayFox t1_iye2475 wrote

The complaint being it took a few seconds to add the water and a minute for it to sit over the advertised 3.5 minute time is quite different from ridiculously hot coffee caused third degree burns to the genitals

She's claiming false advertisement, whereas with McDonald's they knew about the danger and decided it was cheaper to chance a lawsuit than to serve the coffee at drinkable temperatures where people would have time to take advantage of the free refills


hotmessexpress44 t1_iya8xl4 wrote

IDK why you’re being downvoted. I agree with you that it seems like a frivolous suit.


thebixman t1_iy9zdsh wrote

Gourmet food needs time, m’lady.


StThoughtWheelz t1_iyb4jjd wrote

"those are seconds of our lives we ain't getting back"


HammerTocks t1_iycj5sw wrote

Aha US. The land of opportunities


Zerguu t1_iyd8958 wrote

Karen strikes again…


pattyG80 t1_iydble7 wrote

If there was wver something worth suing for 5 million, it's th....wait, wtf?


Short-Surprise3963 t1_iyec0zj wrote

Remember when there was the big uprise years ago over the subway foot long not being a foot long??? I wonder if anyone made money off of that?


oxero t1_iye72kx wrote

Not gonna lie, I had one of these Velveeta microwave things given to me and went to heat it up following directions. Filled the water and placed it in for the time it said to cook for, and they came out undercooked. I was thoroughly disappointed. Not enough to sue them, but enough to never buy them.