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the_grass_trainer t1_iybteqw wrote

You mean to tell me they gotta do one hour of work each day... For a year and a half... And that's fucking it?

Edit: probably not even.


hypatiatextprotocol t1_iybvxgw wrote

Another calculation: it's around 3.5 months of full-time community service, on a 35-hr work week.


the_grass_trainer t1_iybwzqz wrote

Get the fuck outta here. Why aren't we more angry about this??


hypatiatextprotocol t1_iybxqmx wrote

I'm not saying it's enough time! I'm only showing what the sentence looks like in practice (if they do it properly).

Messing with democratic systems deserves much more serious sentences, I agree completely.


YakInner4303 t1_iyc0hvg wrote

The correct penalty is a restraining order on behalf of the telecommunications system. They are permanently barred from possessing or interacting with any telecommunications device or approaching within 50 yards of such a device.


gregorydgraham t1_iycv7g4 wrote

Surely that’s not possible in today’s world


TavisNamara t1_iydc5fj wrote

Pretty sure the second part would require living in the mountains or the middle of a desert and never going to town or having visitors. They'd have to get supplies airdropped.


Elanapoeia t1_iydqx62 wrote

I think things like this are still done but more on a "you don't get to own a tv or a phone with internet access"-level rather than any distance requirements which, yeah, physically impossible to enforce


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Farcespam t1_iyddttl wrote

This is like writing an essay to your English teacher type punishment.


MustLoveAllCats t1_iyf8ygt wrote

Rehabilitative models of punishment are more effective than retributive models, no matter how much of a hardon redditors get for locking people up.


Nop277 t1_iye4jua wrote

Not only does it not seem enough, it seems kind of odd to require people guilty of election interference to to participate in it more. Like punishing a pedophile with community service in the local school cafeteria.


InGenAche t1_iycosa9 wrote

Nearly four full months at 35 hours a week is a hefty community service tariff. Plus being a felony comes with its own disadvantages.

And there are other criminal charges and the $5m lawsuit still in the works with him already pleading guilty on this, isn't going to help.


SelectiveSanity t1_iydiail wrote

Oh it gets better...

> reports that Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge John Sutula also fined each $2,500 and placed them on two years' probation. He ordered them to spend six months of that period on home confinement beginning at 8 p.m. each day.

I mean, is public flogging really that cruel and unusual when comparing this crime sentence to say, a normal person on probation getting 5 years for voting when nobody told them they couldn't, which in of itself is kind of fucked up?


MustLoveAllCats t1_iyf9kt5 wrote

Yes, public flogging is fucked up and there is no place whatsoever for it in civilized society. It's on a similar level of thought and intelligence as thinking it's reasonable to break someone's jaw because they looked at your girlfriend the wrong way.

As for the issue you're trying to compare this to, that's a really, REALLY bad comparison. You're comparing a completely barbaric punishment for a crime to severe punishment for a misunderstanding


os10sibly t1_iyd1phm wrote

If it makes you feel a little bit better: I think the article says they are not allowed out of the house after 8pm for the next 2 years