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ShimeMiller t1_iyddjlo wrote

What could possibly go wrong


boygriv t1_iyepv3c wrote

I read that as "possi-blye" go wrong.


EmmaLouLove t1_iydeoc0 wrote

Have they never seen The Terminator Rise of the Machines? Wait for it. They’re gonna go full on precog in the near future.


ur_friendly_friend t1_iyeu1d9 wrote

We were either gonna be the Jetsons or the terminator in this particular simulation..


Graphic_Materialz t1_iyddxvw wrote

Anyone know to what state law she referred that requires them to approve these equipments? Sounds like bullshit to me—CA has a state law requiring police departments to approve the use of lethal, autonomous, equipment? I don’t remember reading about that law.


EarlyInsurance7557 t1_iydff8m wrote

"robots" most likely are drones. And when he says explosives. They plan to tie a small explosive charge onto a drone and smash it into people. A lot more low tech than some "robot"


FawksyBoxes t1_iyea6bu wrote

Please put down your weapon you have 20 seconds to comply


Caerau t1_iyeq7az wrote

I saw that when I was about 8. That scene still bothers me to this day :D


d4m1ty t1_iyf1m3d wrote

No robots should ever be set to lethal modes of operation. There is no need for it.

Robots don't feel fear, don't have life, don't get tired, will never stop so there is no reason they should take life. They should subdue only.