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AssociateJaded3931 t1_iyhsnyp wrote

Look again, Utah. Florida is not the place you want to emulate.


blippityblop t1_iyhw7qv wrote

Too late, Utah is the neochristro-facist utopian society everyone wants to ignore.


hoboforlife t1_iyhyan0 wrote

One could also look at Florida as an excellent State to learn from because of how many mental health issues it has.


wxcode t1_iyjfyf7 wrote

Florida has the third lowest rate of mental health issues among adults in the nation.


hoboforlife t1_iyjs8eq wrote

Right, and that's only what's reported because Florida is also ranked 2nd to last out of all US States in terms of access to mental health care.


AndyB476 t1_iykgppn wrote

You can have the lowest rate of anything when you don't report it.


Xyrus2000 t1_iyiylkt wrote

Looking to Florida for mental health and homelessness solutions is like looking to Jefferey Dahmer for recipe suggestions.


wxcode t1_iyjglxe wrote

Third lowest rate of mental health disorders among adults in the country, actually.


purplegladys2022 t1_iyknetr wrote

I'd love to see where you got your data, because I saw a study that does indeed show Florida as third.

The third highest amount of mentally ill residents with little to no access to mental health care.

Maybe check that holier-than-thou attitude.


wxcode t1_iym70p6 wrote

>The third highest amount of mentally ill residents

It's the third most populated state in the country, or course it's going to have a larger net amount of health issues. I don't have the crayons to explain how percentages work to you.


purplegladys2022 t1_iymc5jc wrote

You're a smug little fuck, aren't you? It is what it is.


wxcode t1_iymgatk wrote

Dude why are you so upset? It's just a simple data point that counters the narrative of the OP.

Resorting to insults and and profanity because you disagree with the results of a peer reviewed study is strange. It's okay to disagree but.. just weird behavior.


purplegladys2022 t1_iyntgu4 wrote

Would you like for me to break out my crayons to better explain it to you?


micmac274 t1_iyri4bf wrote

One of you has presented their data, you haven't. I'm inclined to agree with the person who isn't pulling stats out of their ass.


Aporkalypse_Sow t1_iyjnkxm wrote

Lol. When 90% of your population has mental issues, they tend to go undiagnosed. I know more than a few absolutely crazy assholes from Florida, and they'll never see a doctor because they are complete narcissists.


wxcode t1_iyjuaf3 wrote

Perhaps you should ask yourself why you question scientific data when it doesn't align with your political preferences.

I would recommend not including yourself in the cohort of COVID deniers active on this site.


Ramona_Lola t1_iyjrt14 wrote

If it’s true. Florida tends to underreport if their COVID reporting issues are any indication.


lengthybread409 t1_iyhx4cm wrote

"The Miami-Dade Criminal Mental Health Project was spearheaded by county Judge Steve Leifman in 2000. The project seeks to reform how people with mental health issues are treated in the criminal justice system by using community-based treatment and support services as opposed to criminal prosecution"

What is the issue?


JamesXX t1_iyi34uj wrote

Red state bad, apparently, even at the expense of doing something good.


FawksyBoxes t1_iyj7cqb wrote

Misleading title, should have led with Miami-Dade county. Florida for the most part is terrible for policies. Miami is mostly Democratic area.


lengthybread409 t1_iyi94hy wrote

I know. I was hoping to find that Utah will start publishing all arrests like Florida. That Florida is doing should be the standard for what all states should be doing. Edit: clarified what I wanted to say


PR4WN4GE t1_iyi08mi wrote

Sounds WOKe to me.



So what exactly does “woke” mean to you? Tell me in your own words.


PR4WN4GE t1_iykqgcn wrote

Scapegoat so you can demonize community oriented solutions that are empathetic and data driven.

The terms a fkn cop out.



You didn’t answer my question.


PR4WN4GE t1_iykrcuj wrote

I just fkn said. It's a scapegoat word. It's "the devil". It's a mischaracterization of liberal values. The word is used to put down people trying to become better and acknowledge the ugly truths of our history so we can improve.



Oh you were being sarcastic with your original comment. Hard to tell since it reads exactly like every person on here who isn’t being sarcastic. Use /s online if you don’t want to sound like a right wing nut job.


PR4WN4GE t1_iyks500 wrote

Meh don't care anymore. I've talked to so many of those psychos I'm dead inside when it comes to internet chat


Tiabaja t1_iyi3jmz wrote

Why not look into one of those successful European countries that don't have homelessness?


afedyuki t1_iyjo3ks wrote

Because Capitalists don't have a free reign at them and their social programs did not get completely pilfered by a bunch of rich sociopaths?

Here in US, HUD housing got defunded into the ground. Mental healthcare is run by drug dealers. All the housing is owned by a handful of cartels who also own all the companies as well as politicians who made all that legal. Yeah... it's pretty much a Banana Republic with nukes at this point.


infinity234 t1_iyjr4jo wrote

Well if you want a serious answer, a) because why look internationally when you can first draw from internal solutions, not educated on what the article discusses (i went to the comments first), before trying to examine policy in a different culture on the other side of the planet, check and see maybe what your neighbor is doing first, and b) Europe, on a per captia basis, doesnt appear to be doing much better than Utah in terms of homelessness. A preliminary google search shows Utah has a homlessness rate of 9.8 per 10,000 people, and similar rates in Europe appear to be 22 (France), 23 (Netherlands), 41 (Germany), 11 (Denmark), 12 (Ireland), 33 (Sweden), 10 (Finland), etc. Doesn't look like, generally speaking Europe, has a better solved homelessness problem than Utah specifically. Doesn't answer why Florida which has a 13 per 10,000, but probably see point of neighbor being easier to work with than someone an ocean over. The outliers to this with exceptionally low homelessness numbers in Europe appear to be (again, just on preliminary seaching),Spain (5), Latvia (3), and Croatia (1). Not saying this to nessicarily defend Utah or to shit on Europe, but something to consider.


whatdawhatnowhuh t1_iyymzkb wrote

What's interesting about this is that those three countries also have a higher rate of multigenerational households, I wonder if that's related


lengthybread409 t1_iyiaoou wrote

What do you mean by "successful European countries" The data I found shows that the Europe and the US are on par. What would be a preferred system?


gonzoswunks t1_iykolpw wrote


Check out Vienna's Public housing. its about 420 / month and its actually very decent.


thecaninfrance t1_iyi0dsm wrote

Are they asking DeSantis to fly the poor and mentally unwell to Democratic led states with Florida tax dollars?


pseudodoxia t1_iyhu14v wrote

Florida is called the bastion of neoliberal social welfare for a reason, friends


Iam_NotAnExpert t1_iyjkpdt wrote

Here in Florida we just elect our mentally ill as representatives for the state.


Fit_Juice_128 t1_iyjz35t wrote

Why? Pretty sure most Floridan politicians would just have the homeless shot in the street.


Kaitensatsuma t1_iyhspg3 wrote

I think "If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer " is already out on loan though


IAmTheClayman t1_iyhyt2m wrote

That’s like asking Hannibal Lecter how to suppress your cannibalistic urges


VyrPlan t1_iyi08k2 wrote

we want to overhaul our whole imagine - we've put Jared Fogle in charge of PR


undercooked1234 t1_iyjpiei wrote

Fucked role model. Usually the rule of thumb is if FL does something, everyone else shouldnt.


zubaz69 t1_iyjui91 wrote

They can do what they did before the Olympics. Put homeless on a Greyhound to Las Vegas. I know its true because I worked EMS in SLC and Las Vegas and right before Olympics I saw a lot of my frequent flyers from SLC in Vegas.Several even still knew my name.


fromwayuphigh t1_iyi7yka wrote

Makes perfect sense... if the point is to get to the point where hunting them for sport is the goal.


Shakespurious t1_iyiafsb wrote

Oh, great, Utah's sending their homeless to Santa Monica too, eh?


LVAUGHNZ t1_iyiqzao wrote

this explains a lot.


RoachBeBrutal t1_iyiuu38 wrote

Very poor choice of locations to emulate.


HumpieDouglas t1_iyjbdzt wrote

Florida doesn't seem like the right place to look.


cookiemonster247 t1_iyji948 wrote

I live in Orlando and I swear we have one of the worst homeless person problems I’ve ever seen in a small well kept city. They like flock here in the winter too. Pretty much every exit ramp has someone begging. Orlando does not do a good job dealing with homeless.


AbuQittun t1_iylusxr wrote

So in other words... it's Florida's fault that people becoming homeless elsewhere come to it's warmer climate? Your logic isn't that great. I think most cities have alot of beggars, but I don't think that beggars are the problem people perceive them to be. Give or don't give, let them beg, but alot of them get benefits but beg for money for other things.

If the cost of living, especially housing, wasn't so high, this problem wouldn't exist.


mia_elora t1_iyk9109 wrote

Glad to know that Utah wishes to embrace Hellstate as a state of being, but I feel sorry for the citizens who have to deal with such bullshit. (no, I didn't have time to read the article, just... Florida. Ugh.)


Delcium1 t1_iykn63i wrote

Man, Utah's drought is so bad it would be better just sending people somewhere else. In fact, if we could get like a million people to move out east, that would be great.


Jaysyn4Reddit t1_iyoq83t wrote

Well that is a fucking braindead thing to do.


Traveling_Solo t1_iyskvq1 wrote

Soon: Utah comes up with solution to mentally ill and homeless people "Alligators everywhere!"


mackotter t1_izw1j1d wrote

"Have you tried bath salts, because ARGHHHHAAAA SCREAMING SKULLS!!!!!"


hessian_prince t1_iyk3yua wrote

Send them to Florida isn’t the best option.