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saintofhate t1_iyldaf6 wrote

I'm not going to lie I'm a little biased on gastric surgery because it does not fix the root problem. It's a quick fix to lose a lot of weight, but if you do not treat the reason behind your eating and fix your diet it does not keep up and you gain weight back.

So many people struggle with their body imagine, mental health, and nutrition and it's so much easier to buy into a supposed fix instead of doing more work that if not done right makes the problem worse.

Like I wish I could control my diet but I have an eating disorder and unlike drugs, you can't just not eat. I think if I did have a drug problem people would treat my addiction with kindness than they do EDs.


Xist3nce t1_iylgemh wrote

It just freaks me out how casual people are about it. I always heard it was a last ditch effort for incredibly obese people. It was frequently not that.