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ForgingIron t1_iykj7yw wrote

I still maintain my theory that the world will end because of a tiktok challenge


historycat95 t1_iykrraz wrote

I got a prescription for Ozempic recently. And I've lost 30 lbs. I'm limited to 2200 calories a day, and I rarely hit that.

Yes, the nausea can get pretty bad, and that sucks, but it helps. The diarrea comes and goes, there have been nights of no sleep because I'm sitting on the toilet.

I would easily take the side effects for the rest of my life if it means losing weight. I've tried every diet, every program. I gained weight on Weight Watchers.

I been in pain for the longest time. I miss playing golf, and riding my bike, and doing yoga. I want to ride roller coasters with my kids and see them graduate at least. But all my life I've been told I'm just lazy, and just put down the fork.

It's been very isolating, and if this drug keeps working, then I'd gladly accept any side effects I need to.

Most people don't realize that everything can become embarrasing when you're obese. So you just find any reason to stay away from people. Which just makes it worse.


DaveOJ12 t1_iyl8a5o wrote

Has anything good come out of TikTok?


saintofhate t1_iylbfhy wrote

I call bullshit that it's TikTok's fault. You still need to have it prescribed and without insurance it's 4 grand in the US. No one is taking this medication for shits and giggles and if it's covered, it's probably because they need it. Obesity can and often will cause more issues down the line in life.


Xist3nce t1_iylcjvs wrote

The number of women who outright pay for the entirety of gastric bypass surgery because their insurance covered it was way higher than you’d expect. Working in insurance id get 20 calls a week about getting Gastric surgeries covered, and half of them when they hear it’s not covered just tell their doctor they’ll pay out of pocket. It was NUTS to me to hear people pay this much to lose a couple pounds while I’m struggling to eat more than once a day.


Rosebunse t1_iylcx6c wrote

I'm sorry you're going through this, but gastric bypass Islamorada surgery and is only meant to be given to the very, very morbidly obese. It is not just to "lose a few pounds."


saintofhate t1_iyldaf6 wrote

I'm not going to lie I'm a little biased on gastric surgery because it does not fix the root problem. It's a quick fix to lose a lot of weight, but if you do not treat the reason behind your eating and fix your diet it does not keep up and you gain weight back.

So many people struggle with their body imagine, mental health, and nutrition and it's so much easier to buy into a supposed fix instead of doing more work that if not done right makes the problem worse.

Like I wish I could control my diet but I have an eating disorder and unlike drugs, you can't just not eat. I think if I did have a drug problem people would treat my addiction with kindness than they do EDs.


Xist3nce t1_iylg7gx wrote

I’m not a medical provider, but I did speak with MANY who did “recommend” it for their 200lbs patients. Generally to be considered insurance wise it was BMI 35 with comorbidity or BMI 40+. So 9/10 I was just having to deny peoples claims for this. I handled far too many of them, also a decent amount of them OOC ie out of country/medical tourism. I didn’t know people were so casual with surgeries until working there.


Nookooin t1_iyn78ps wrote

I personally have been recommended meth my my dental professional. Now you see, some people have teeth that are "too good", in my case I was not only blinding adjacent drivers with the jarring reflective surfact of my teeth but also beginning to get what I can only describe as an abrasion burn on my genitalia because apperently good teeth are attractive. Anyway, reviewing with my Healthcare professional on options that may alleviate these other issues, the topic of meth came up. You know one thing lead to another and well, now I live under a bridge and my teeth look like burnt popcorn


neoplastic_pleonasm t1_iynrpsb wrote

Without insurance coverage it's $25/mo with Eli Lillys discount card, and telehealth docs will readily prescribe it. I still don't think it's TikToks fault.

Source: I'm on it.

Edit: ah, the article is about semaglutide. I'm on the newer tirzepatide, but they're having the same issue


Staticoli t1_izjumbc wrote

Google tells me that 1lb of fat is 3500 calories. That's pretty much a lax 5 hours of the elliptical every week. Give it a year of persistence and regular hydration you should be able to lose 52 lbs a year if you maintain the same caloric intake which I wouldn't recommend because you'd probably want to be eating what your body needs to recoup. But realistically you could probably lose 20 lbs over a year. Maybe more depending on your basal metabolic rate. I lost 10 lbs by moving more. Much more... It's been a lifestyle change but atleast I don't feel bad about sitting around