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CitizenCobalt t1_iyn3hzr wrote

This sounds like a job for weasels. 'Somewhat bloodthirsty' is right up their alley.

Of course, then New York would have the weasels to deal with, but cross that bridge when you come to it, I guess.


terrycloth3 t1_iynuqjw wrote

And thus Weasel Stomping Day is born.


themcryt t1_iyo2jm1 wrote

I just listened to that yesterday for the first time in probably a decade.


micmac274 t1_iyogm3t wrote

Put your viking helmet on, spread that mayonnaise on the lawn...


TacoCommand t1_iypokn4 wrote

Is this a song? Because I don't want to search for that in my YouTube history lmaooooo

Anybody got a link?


fan_go_round t1_iynw2rf wrote

Reminds me of the mink man on youtube, minks would probably do a pretty good job too.


paxrom2 t1_iyodji4 wrote

Mink man did a walk about with minks and terriers in Washington DC allies. Also stray cats do a good job.


flyingtrucky t1_iynx4c8 wrote

If they want to get rid of the rats they just have to introduce owls. If the owls don't simply die during the winter you can hire owl exterminators.


CitizenCobalt t1_iyocc8b wrote

I was thinking Owls and Hawks at first, but weasels would probably have an easier time navigating the tight spaces in New York. But if they're willing to let the birds build their nests for once, I'm all for hawks and owls.


Siyuen_Tea t1_iynqt3c wrote

They wouldn't survive the poison in the rats blood or even the noise of the train.


DidntHaveToUseMyAK t1_iyo0jom wrote

Some serious old lady who swallowed a fly vibes.

"First she swallowed a weasel to eat the rat, she swallowed an Owl to eat the weasel" repeat ad nauseum.


micmac274 t1_iyogqnc wrote

I know an old lady who swallowed a horse... It was uploaded to a porn site other than Pornhub.


Humble-Dragonfly-321 t1_iyorxlp wrote

They already have Guiliani.


CitizenCobalt t1_iyt9veb wrote

Excellent. Let’s make an army of mini-Guilianis. They have to be small enough to follow the rats hard-to-reach spots.


Humble-Dragonfly-321 t1_iytqswt wrote

Breed Guiliani with small people? Small people have standards and dignity. I can't see even the noble rodent wanting to mix their DNA with Guiliani.


Radix2309 t1_iyo2j2q wrote

New York does have a lot of bridges to cross, so they should be good at crossing that one.


Verified_ElonMusk t1_iypbjt1 wrote

Why not just release wave after wave of Chinese needle snakes. They'll wipe out the rats.


i_do_too_ t1_iypd4or wrote

Can we train and deploy small drones that would kill these rats? 🤔