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the_idea_pig t1_iyn5rxi wrote

Yeah, but that would require living in New Jersey. I'd rather crawl through new york's sewer system killing rats with my bare hands for free than live in NJ for any amount of money.


AsslessBaboon t1_iyn667d wrote

The jokes from movies/telly about NJ are true? Lol


ScottieRobots t1_iynvsay wrote

New Jersey is a funny place. It's not very large, and a significant portion of the northern part of the state is essentially a suburb of New York City, while a significant portion of the southern part is a suburb of Philadelphia (with all the good and bad that comes along with that).

But it's fundamentally beautiful and varied temperate coastal land. Because of how things are, though, you can drive from a warm sandy beach to a mountaintop surrounded by productive farmland in an hour and a half, while stopping in a handful of crime ridden ghettos AND a few of the richest counties in the country along your way.


Astronaut-Weird t1_iyo19sq wrote

Spot on. We like to talk shit about them and their pizza but, NJ, honestly, has a great variety of things to offer as a state.


Kiosade t1_iynv04t wrote

I live on the opposite side of the country, but I’m pretty sure New Yorkers just like to pretend to hate NJ for some reason. Like a rivalry. I think there are plenty of perfectly good parts of NJ to live in. It’s not Mississippi!