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bageloid t1_iyngzeu wrote

We have to re-design our trash infrastructure.

Turns out putting bags of garbage directly on the sidewalk is bad.


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bageloid t1_iyquhpe wrote

This is sarcasm right?


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bageloid t1_iyqxgvf wrote

Ok, you want to:

  • shut down the subway system

  • turn it into a garbage system

  • causing the biggest transit crisis the world has ever seen, probably killing NYC

  • Make people carry garbage upwards of 30 minutes to a drop off point(hours during maintenance windows, busses would have been an option pre traffic apocalypse)

  • Spend 10s of billions to automate the subway

  • Spend 10s of billions on automated cars that can accept/deposit trash

  • Spend 10s of billions to put barriers on each subway platform to stop inevitable track fires

  • Which will transit the garbage to... places nowhere near transfer stations


Kamata22 t1_iytgztg wrote

>shut down the subway system

You do realize train tracks have switches right? A single broken down train is just something you go around. Adding a few trains isn't something that would normally be a problem. This could actually be a wonderful funding solution to fix NYC's awful subway system.


Kamata22 t1_iytgq7u wrote

Dunno, they already look like shit. Might as well send garbage trains through them too.