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GetlostMaps t1_iyo16uy wrote


That's what we call it in Australia.

Pissed and Fell Overboard. (In Australia Pissed means drunk.)


emrot t1_iyo259l wrote

In America that could mean falling overboard while using the bathroom. Which is also a possibility here.


GetlostMaps t1_iyo2spf wrote

Pissing overboard is every penis-owner's right duty when at sea.


230flathead t1_iyo6rhr wrote

I mean, the fish don't bite until someone pees in the water. Everyone knows that.


Pristine-Potato-4548 t1_iyod6ev wrote

Don't pull your dick out in public places


PaulSarlo t1_iyp4ke5 wrote

...wait..why? Is that not allowed?


team-evil66 t1_iyplirn wrote

It's a class B felony

Edit has nobody seen Aqua Teen Hunger force the movie?


GetlostMaps t1_iyq4mp8 wrote

It would hurt more if it was a slap on the wrist, because if you were holding it at the time that would make it swing down and hit the balls.


haley7211 t1_iyo28ar wrote

This guy: I get knocked down (we'll be singing)

But I get up again (pissing the night away)

You are never gonna keep me down (when we're winning)


dukeimre t1_iyo3i3q wrote

It's interesting - you'd think he wouldn't be embarrassed to say that he was drunk, right? And yet he denies it: "He'd had drinks on the Valor, but was not inebriated, Grimes told ABC. He doesn't remember leaving to find a bathroom, he said."


  • He was ashamed to say that he was blackout drunk.
  • He was so blackout drunk that he has forgotten being blackout drunk.
  • Someone slipped him a roofie.
  • He was doing something else that was really risky (like climbing over the railing) or that he might see as shameful (like trying to commit suicide), so he chose to lie.

Pog1983 t1_iyppoah wrote

He likely hit the water pretty hard. I was in the Coast Guard for 10 years. I helped pulled one or two people out of the water during my time. That fall is pretty long. He may have TBI. Also, all of your other suggestions could be true as well...


useless169 t1_iyo4l3m wrote

He could have been roofied, you are right! That was my first thought anyway.


SternLecture t1_iyrob1g wrote

Same. I just want to believe he was telling the truth about not drinking for some reason.


TheBovineWoodchuck t1_iyuj6ku wrote

>Grimes was at an onboard bar with his sister before walking off

My hunch is that someone was trying to roofie his sister, but put it in his drink by mistake.


gottahavemyvoxpops t1_iyoxgig wrote

Yeah, I'm thinking it's the last option. He was in the water for 15 hours. If he were blackout drunk, the adrenaline would have worn off long before the alcohol did. He would have got sleepy and drowned. Same with the roofie.

I think the suicide or dumb stunt option is more likely. And I don't think it's necessarily that he's ashamed to admit it. It might be that he feels (or has been advised) that there could be legal ramifications for what he did, as far as the rescue operation goes. Or even something as simple as the cruise line banning him from future cruises might be on his mind. (He said he wouldn't mind going on another cruise, since he didn't really get to go on this one!)

So it might be a situation where he doesn't want to say anything so not to put himself in any legal or civil trouble. "I don't recall" is a classic answer from lawyers/politicians under oath, and that's essentially what he's saying here.


snausagesinablanket t1_iypa4ji wrote

>He was ashamed to say that he was blackout drunk.
>He was so blackout drunk that he has forgotten being blackout drunk.
>Someone slipped him a roofie.
>He was doing something else that was really risky (like climbing over the railing) or that he might see as shameful (like trying to commit suicide), so he chose to lie.

He was wanking and fell in when he lost his balance.


Heliolord t1_iysjh4f wrote

Wanking while balancing on a guardrail is the ultimate danger wank.


chris14020 t1_iyp7ia5 wrote

I'd muuuch prefer to say I had a few too many drinks than I was sick of living and fucked it up, or I was completely sober and just clumsy as fuck.


billman71 t1_iys2lsk wrote

The guy fell how far into the water? Then treaded water for around 23 hours... I'm thinking this rules out the likelihood he was plastered drunk or roofied at the time.


Kamata22 t1_iyuxavr wrote

Something else: Dramamine for seasickness + plus alcohol. Lots of cases of people just walking over the side due to Dramamine induced hallucinations. It isn't reported very much.


bronkscottema t1_iynzhz7 wrote

Td:lr he drank too much.


NotQuiteGoodEnougher t1_iyo4p54 wrote

Or, TBH he was suicidal, hit the water and changed his mind. Treaded water for 15 hours, and thought he'd rather not divulge the 'reason'.

Of which I totally respect. I just hope he gets some mental health treatment if necessary.


DirtyReseller t1_iyo5sfz wrote

Or drugged, I was thinking that could also make sense


therealdannyking t1_iyo7n8p wrote

So far we have drunk, suicidal, and drugged. I'll add forcibly thrown overboard to the bingo card.


DirtyReseller t1_iyo7wwa wrote

Ooo nice. How about he was drunk, drank a spiked drink, contemplated suicide, but ultimately was pushed off the ledge after having second thoughts.


you_bastid t1_iyp45yx wrote

Do people get drugged often on cruises? I feel like in a closed environment like that it would be fairly easy to find the culprit.


DirtyReseller t1_iyp4kno wrote

I have no idea, it’s basically a mini city with everyone partying, so I assume it happens sometimes


microm3gas t1_iypkk2g wrote

You go through typical airport security. So could be smuggled I guess, but would think chances are low.


you_bastid t1_iypnvxn wrote

I’m not talking about getting it in, that’s easy. But when you’re in a sealed environment with a certain amount of bars and there’s a traceable history of people getting sick it wouldn’t be too hard to find the source.


FaagenDazs t1_iyo6c3g wrote

His sister said he wasn't inebriated and he didn't remember leaving to go use the restroom. Sounds like he was drugged to me


DFG57 t1_iyo08pi wrote

Well, let's see. You left the BAR and then what happened? Maybe retrace your steps.


charleswj t1_iys4q9d wrote

Extremely drunk people are known for their ability to perform at their physical peak by treading water in the ocean for 15 hours.


Kamwind t1_iyo7mso wrote

I am more interested in why all the sensors that are suppose to detect someone falling overboard did not work.


[deleted] t1_iyo7ic7 wrote

He left his family in the evening, just to go to the bathroom and then he was supposed to come back to them just a few minutes later.

He didn’t.

They didn’t report him missing until 12pm, the next day!


Rosebunse t1_iyok5re wrote

That isn't terribly odd. It is a cruise, they could have thought he was somewhere else partying. Plus, 12pm is the time I suspect a lot of cruise passengers wake up.


EtTuBrutAftershave t1_iynzd12 wrote

Spoiler Alert: He fell


SternLecture t1_iyrom7o wrote

I thought he diffused himself through the steel of the ship.


Heliolord t1_iysjst0 wrote

Son of a bitch did it. The one and a bajillion chance that all the matter in his body managed to pass right through all the matter in the guard rail.


SternLecture t1_iytw01u wrote

How many funniest home video dudes trying to do this by smashing their groin on a fence or bike and this guy finally manages it.


Starlifter4 t1_iyo0avq wrote

Alcohol involved? Maybe?


Enchelion t1_iyo6ird wrote

It's a cruise ship, the entire point of those things is to get shitfaced and spend money.


[deleted] t1_iyo25zn wrote

I know exactly how he managed to find himself swimming: that all-inclusive, no limit drink package.


Dorkus_Mallorkus t1_iyo2wpz wrote

*15 drink daily limit

Betting now they reduce it to 14....


TacoCommand t1_iypogf0 wrote

Is the asterisk like "approximately"?

Is it 15 beers? Or 15 cocktails?


Dorkus_Mallorkus t1_iyponkt wrote

Nope. They cut you off after 15 in any given day. Beers, cocktails whatever, they all count the same. I've seen it happen. Drunk dude was not happy....


TacoCommand t1_iyprby5 wrote

Oh jeez. That's dumb. It just encourages cocktails. And I get it, cocktails are the real money makers. But that just seems like an overall dangerous policy.

15 beers? Wade Bogg used to pound 50 beers and eat a roast chicken!

RIP Wade Boggs. (Note: Wade Biggs is still very much alive, jabronis).


RandomUsername600 t1_iyon4ps wrote

Confusion and memory loss are symptoms of hypothermia so he could be telling the truth.


Good200000 t1_iyok94m wrote

Lawyer told him not to say anything, so they can sue for big bucks


106503204 t1_iyo1pvz wrote

Doing something stupid, too embarrassed to say lol


Tedstor t1_iyo3olk wrote

Drunk. Standing on the railing, like Jack Dawson. Rubbing one out while thinking of Rose.


(Source)- Almost happened to me a few times.


DMagnus11 t1_iyobo7j wrote

I'm the king of the wooooah, that was a close one

regains balance

I'm the king of the woooooorld!


Rosebunse t1_iyok9jo wrote

He could have sustained some sort of head injury on the way down.


Pog1983 t1_iypxcz8 wrote

My first thought honestly. It's a really long fall.


SternLecture t1_iyror16 wrote

Maybe he got verbally abused by ol Greg and blocked out the memories.


Smoovemammajamma t1_iyw3ntj wrote

Its pretty obvious he saw MiB performing some operation and they flashed him with a neuralizer


WhyDidIClickOnThat t1_iyok6k9 wrote

I think if I fell off a cruise ship the moment would be very clearly etched in my mind. Unless I was blind shitfaced drunk. Like him.


g0ll4m t1_iyonw9r wrote

I’m gonna go out on a limb here… he was fucking shitfaced and fell off the railing


[deleted] t1_iyp3f8p wrote

He was doing the old Titanic “I’m the King of the World!” and slipped, and he’s too embarrassed to tell anyone.


Ceramicrabbit t1_iypzokq wrote

Looks like Little Ben Roethlisberger


12baakets t1_iyq91af wrote

He was thrown overboard by an assassin. He doesn't want any investigation into it, so he's saying he doesn't remember. He fully remembers what happened that night.

Of course he could have been drunk.


Kind_Ferret_3219 t1_iyq94v8 wrote

He was just skinny dipping in the Gulf of Mexico. Doesn't everybody do that?


Cannaewulnaewidnae t1_iyqbln1 wrote

Dude was taking a piss off the back of the boat

We know he 'went to use the bathroom' ... and no drunk person in history has ever considered themselves to be drunk


nmgonzo t1_iyqrduo wrote

i wasn't offeicer, drunk.


Ahandlin t1_iyrjj0y wrote

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say he fell. I could he wrong, he could have jumped


BuckNutley t1_iyrmmlr wrote

Drunk, couldn't find a washroom or didn't like what was going on in the washroom he found, and decided to just piss in the water...I'd love to see a picture of the boat so I could find the spot he fell from using my trying to piss theory.


Feeling-Resident-857 t1_iypt8xu wrote

it’s an interesting theory, but i’m having a hard time believing that anyone would think this guy was roofie-worthy…