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DirtyReseller t1_iyo5sfz wrote

Or drugged, I was thinking that could also make sense


therealdannyking t1_iyo7n8p wrote

So far we have drunk, suicidal, and drugged. I'll add forcibly thrown overboard to the bingo card.


DirtyReseller t1_iyo7wwa wrote

Ooo nice. How about he was drunk, drank a spiked drink, contemplated suicide, but ultimately was pushed off the ledge after having second thoughts.


you_bastid t1_iyp45yx wrote

Do people get drugged often on cruises? I feel like in a closed environment like that it would be fairly easy to find the culprit.


DirtyReseller t1_iyp4kno wrote

I have no idea, it’s basically a mini city with everyone partying, so I assume it happens sometimes


microm3gas t1_iypkk2g wrote

You go through typical airport security. So could be smuggled I guess, but would think chances are low.


you_bastid t1_iypnvxn wrote

I’m not talking about getting it in, that’s easy. But when you’re in a sealed environment with a certain amount of bars and there’s a traceable history of people getting sick it wouldn’t be too hard to find the source.