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6epp t1_iyrhdmb wrote

What does culture have to do with this? Racists always jump at any opportunity to out themselves. Kudos


kezar23 t1_iyrncda wrote

I think he's refering to how those same authoritarian regimes often use "culture" as an excuse to do horrible shit.


FlockFlysAtMidnite t1_iyrr6qj wrote

I don't respect the culture the Iranian regime is violently imposing on it's people, especially women and LGBT+ people. It's disgusting, it's backwards, and it shouldn't exist. Women are literally beaten to death for showing their hair in public. That's not a culture anyone should be respecting.


emergency-rroom t1_iys6r6u wrote

I might be wrong, but i heard that going against the supreme leader is considered “going against god”. that’s crazy enough as is


GabeTheJerk t1_iyrv483 wrote

Been living under a rock aint cha?

Qatar got critized as a choice to host the World cup because... They are a fucking shit hole nation with some of the worst human rights.

Qatars defense was that slavery, legal rape, vaginal mutilation, etc are all apart of their culture so it's okay for them to do it.

I'm Canadian, following their logic I should be allowed to kill natives. Its our culture