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dirtballmagnet t1_iz0dldc wrote

There should be a quality-of-the-band provision in these things. "They stole our name!" "Yes, but it took you 20 years to make an album, and it sucked, so now Guns N Roses is a flower shop."


TreeSlayer-Tak t1_iz4tva1 wrote

And it doesn't even hold up to copy right law, the laws states that as long as theres no confusion between the 2 its legal. Its in a different industry so there's no confusion


Beautiful_Fee1655 t1_iz0q87i wrote

Good business strategy: Sell weapons to kill, and sell flowers for the funerals.


NetDork t1_iz1835y wrote

Solid horizontal integration plan there.


Raiden115X t1_iz2p82u wrote

Build a crematorium next door that turns the ashes into bulletproof plating. Go full circle.


threemoons_nyc t1_izf56gj wrote

Like the weed truck parked in between a halal truck and a taco truck near my apartment -- business ecosystem thriving!


throneismelting t1_iz0i86r wrote

I’m at the florist (WHAT?)

I’m at the gun shop (WHAT?)

I’m at the combination florist and gun shop


trucorsair t1_iz08xzn wrote

Well they have to defend their trademark, an argument could be made that there is little chance of confusion, but still this is not that unusual per se and let’s be honest, that name wasn’t chosen by chance. I am sure when they incorporated they were warned about this but now just think of the free publicity. They will change their name and the suit will be dropped.


Aggravating_Poet_675 t1_iz1mr9o wrote

Copyright and trademark often doesn't count when the business is completely separate from the existing entity. So if say someone opens up Big Dave's as a Pizzeria in Miami, FL and there's already a landscaping company in Tampa, FL called Big Dave's then they're not likely to get punished under trademark laws or even if there's another Big Dave's Pizzeria in Atlanta, GA. The markets don't overlap. So there isn't any case. However, if there was already a Big Dave's Pizzeria in Miami than that original company could indeed make a Case that the new location stole their name and is unfairly profiting off of that name because of it.

This particular xase may be different however as it's quite possible that they could prove that the flower shop knowingly used the name to profit off of the band's success which is generally why Copyright laws were created to begin with.


trucorsair t1_iz1sg8j wrote

This is America where you can sue over anything. The cost to the gun and florist shop to put up even a minimum defense is going to outweigh any “victory” as the time and cost will bankrupt them. G n’ R by zealously defending their marks will deter others. In China there is a saying “kill the chicken to scare the monkey”. Same principle


legend_number_1 t1_iz0aj3r wrote

Weapons n Flowers


autoposting_system t1_iz1h92x wrote

I love small town businesses like this. I used to get my haircut in Jupiter, Florida in this guy's corner shop which was a combination barber shop and small engine repair.

What a life


HoppityHooper t1_iz08a0s wrote

How about give them time to change the name? All they need is just a little patience.


VerimTamunSalsus t1_iz25rxn wrote

So you can unalive someone and preorder flowers for their family. Convenient.


Raiden115X t1_iz2q4k5 wrote

Gonna open a pumpkin smashing patch. Gonna call it "Smashin' Pumpkin Patch". As long as I leave out "The" it should be legally safe right?


klsi832 t1_iz2sl9l wrote

I think this guy shopped there.


usedTP t1_iz3c95k wrote

We have a pharmacy, gun store, and sandwich shop in the same building. It's called Pills and Pistols.


Jump_Like_A_Willys t1_iz4t0kt wrote

Seriously though, who is going to see that shop's name and actually think "Hey, Axl and his friends must have some part in that venture!"?


[deleted] t1_iz7845y wrote



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threemoons_nyc t1_izf58oy wrote

OK this is some peak Internet right here.


WHAMMYPAN t1_izya8gg wrote

Hello and welcome to “Pistols N’ Flowers” how can we help you?