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HardwareSoup t1_iz3i3i4 wrote

I can't imagine living in my car in one of the most expensive cities in the world, instead of just driving a couple hours in any direction and being able to afford an apartment.

You don't even have to go so far you can't visit family or whatever. It's just astonishing.


hiddeninplainsight23 t1_iz3l7lb wrote

Tbf it might make more sense but considering people in that situation in America will be suffering already, their thinking might be a little impaired by the stress of trying to survive. Also just uprooting your life and moving away from where you live is no easy thing, especially if you're moving from your needed support network who and essentially going to somewhere new where you don't know anyone and so are isolated whilst still being vulnerable, because a new city racks up the hours and costs quite quickly. There's also an element of risk in moving somewhere new, and if everything goes pear-shaped then you could find yourself at square one and even worse off then before.


barmskley t1_iz400jy wrote

Also, oftentimes people in this situation have unstable cars, so driving long distances could be more detrimental if the car breaks down


Nihilistic_Furry t1_iz3n67y wrote

It’s easy to suggest someone take bold actions when you don’t have to deal with the consequences.


HardwareSoup t1_iz5hhsq wrote

What's your point?

I've been homeless before, it sucks.

I had no phone, no car, no help, and I thought I might die, or get raped by the hundreds of predatory men you meet on the streets. (Nobody likes to talk about that eh?)

My point is, nobody should just accept a life on the streets, there's a way out for pretty much everyone, you just gotta fight for it.