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Smytus t1_iz9agnj wrote

They fixed the problem and it shouldn't happen again - until it happens again.


kgro t1_iz9b3tk wrote

The saddest thing about the whole thing is — utilities companies don’t give a flying fuck. The family can consider themselves lucky that EDF “has applied a gesture of goodwill”. Goodwill for fuck’s sake…


Aceticon t1_iz9fdth wrote

When living in the UK I quickly learned never to give those guys direct access to my acount such as via a Direct Debt: without it, their mistakes are their problem to solve, with it their mistakes are your problem to solve.

Get invoice; check it; call them and ask for proof you spent 3 years worth of power consumption in a single month and pointing out that their meter reading on that invoice is totally different from what the meter says; get an updated correct invoice.

Compare that to the chain of problems that's the result of your bank account going into overdraft by a couple of tens of thousands of pounds...

It's not even that they're doing it on purpose: it's just that they employ people for peanuts to maximize their £££ in profits hence mistakes are far more likely and if they're not the ones bearing the costs of such mistakes (and given the laughably corrupt UK Regulators, they're not) they won't spend a single penny to put in place procedures to catch those mistakes.


[deleted] t1_izaais4 wrote

Good god how does a bank let £76k just go out when you don't have anything near that (photos suggest the bank balance was < £5k). Also EDF are wankers. They caused me nothing but grief and even illegally blocked a transfer to a new provider. Thank god for ombudsman.


kevinds t1_izbv6tc wrote

From the article, they never sent a £1m electricity bill.


Say10sadvocate t1_izdc8wo wrote

Yeah I just cancelled mine because I can't trust bulb with access to my account.

Over the last year I paid what they asked as it went up and up and up every three months. Ended up with £1000+ credit which they had a variety of excuses for refusing to refund.

Stopped paying till it came down to £0, cancelled the direct debit and now just pay for my usage manually each month.

I'd rather pay by direct debit, but their system forces me to pay far more than my usage, so I'm left making manual payments each month.