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swisscriss t1_j068d6c wrote

Look its not like we haven't all thought about it. Some people are just brave enough to live their dreams


protostar777 t1_j07fd6k wrote

I have never once thought about shitting in a sandwich or smearing shit on the walls


mechmind t1_j07f51w wrote

We all have crazy thoughts. It's when you consider acting on these insane ideas that the problem rears is head. If you actually go through with it and "live your dream", As you put it, then that's punishable. And when you joke about it online is pretty alarming as well.


swisscriss t1_j083q9e wrote

oh really? alarming is it? don't you have any pearls to clutch?


mechmind t1_j087z6d wrote

I understand the implication. You think I'm being overly sensitive, correct? , so you don't think it's a warning sign when a grown man acts like this?


swisscriss t1_j08iw1u wrote

That is just projection, first of all I am not a man.Secondly a proud filipina woman doesn't succumb to didactic questioning so easily


Lemkis t1_j08vuzg wrote

Uhhh, you claim to be a man in other comments. Bad troll, F- for your crap-tastic "effort".


swisscriss t1_j09ymk7 wrote

What are trying to say here? that I'm not a real woman?


mechmind t1_j08kaqh wrote

I'm sorry for the confusion. I was talking about Officer Matthew Luckhurst, who is clearly a man.


Orcabandana t1_j09ol3p wrote

I've argued with that one before. He's not Filipino. He doesn't understand a lick of Filipino and is actually insane. Just look at his recent comments.


mechmind t1_j09qrlh wrote

Thanks, took me a few replies to come to that conclusion.!


swisscriss t1_j08vm6x wrote

How could you possibly know that?


mechmind t1_j08yebj wrote

I guess you're right. I should have known u/swisscriss would be there to add a health dose of skepticism! You put things in perspective, and I thank you for that!


lunelily t1_j08bnqo wrote

If you genuinely consider “I should give a homeless man a sandwich containing feces” to be a “dream” that you can be “brave enough” to act out—rather than an “intrusive thought” that you know better than to ever act on, because it’s abhorrent—then I deeply pity you.

Society would be so much better off if people like this asshole never stepped outside their home, much less held positions of power.


Hayden_Zammit t1_j08ctsa wrote

Tell me you don't understand the difference between bravery and cowardice without telling me you don't know the difference between bravery and cowardice lol.