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ablondedude t1_j08ei40 wrote

Them: "If you're not making enough then pull up your bootstraps and get a second job!"

Gets a second job

Them: "How dare you take another job while working for us! What if we need to call you in on a random day? Of course we wont give you 40 hours or pay you as a full time worker but don't you dare work anywhere else or you're fired"


therealgunsquad t1_j0arphv wrote

I've worked multiple part-time jobs for family owned businesses that had a strict rule against hiring you if you worked or planned to work another job (I don't even know if these questions are legal for them to ask). I've always liked working two part time jobs over one full time job. I never had to worry about getting fired or one of the businesses closing because I would still have another income. Plus, if I needed I could just ask the other job for full-time hours.

I've always been a good worker and never call in, and always pick up sick co-workers shifts. I've never been fired from a job either, but I still don't like the feeling of having my entire livelihood and income tied to one person. It's also way more stressful to have to find a new job if you only had one to start. Working two jobs also let's you take a longer time to hunt for a new second job instead of feeling pressured to take the first offer you get.

I know people who hate working two jobs and would rather work one job and get full-time benefits, but I also think working two jobs shouldn't always be thought of as a bad thing.