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xSaffax t1_j0ecbqo wrote

Kiwi here, it was the idea of David Seymour to do this, but the general consensus of most Kiwi's is that it shows great sportsmanship from them both to be willing to put it all aside and come together like this to raise money. The current bid is at $45,500 with 6 days left on the bidding.


Laogama OP t1_j0emko3 wrote

Hard to think of other countries where this story would be possible


MarcoMaroon t1_j0ft2s5 wrote

Let's make a new country and make it possible


LCranstonKnows t1_j0gbt47 wrote

New New Zealand? Newer Zealand?


strangecabalist t1_j0gdxcv wrote

New Zoolander you say?


SYLOH t1_j0jxzfl wrote

Zealand 3: The Return of the Dutch.


phido3000 t1_j0fl9zl wrote

What I like is that to appeal to voters, they have to get along, and not blow up about the small stuff. Also be accepting of the things you say.

Politics doesn't have to be cess pool. You could win people over with love, compassion, and heroic deeds.

Just remember if nz fucks up as a failed state, Australia will invade.


ItsNotButtFucker3000 t1_j0ghph8 wrote

This is how we do it in Canada!

There's always cursing in the House of Commons here. And then passive aggressive apologies.


AFlawAmended t1_j0g54j2 wrote

American here. I'm continuously jealous of how smooth and functioning the New Zealand government is. Or at least seems to be, again I'm American so I don't hear a lot about it, but anytime I do it's awesome.


Status_Advantage t1_j0gum7f wrote

Lol right?! I read a Washington post article on this the other day and the conflict resolution was astounding. It really put into perspective just how utterly fucked up our political landscape is.


BoldBlackManta t1_j0h3rsw wrote

It's mostly optics. NZ is good at that because it's so isolated that the rest of the world can't verify.


xSaffax t1_j0hz76a wrote

This party has been in for 2 terms now so people are definitely getting tired of her/labour, but they still have a lot of fans too. Like any country there is division but our two main parties both sit very close to centre so there's not that much difference.

Also we have an MMP political system so there's usually a lot of political representation as if they get at least 5% of they vote theyvgll get a seat in parliament. If the big parties don't get enough votes to govern alone (usually) they have to form coalitions with other smaller parties which guarantees those smaller parties specific things they want/a spot in government and helps the bigger party get the numbers.

An example of this is that labour didn't have the numbers to govern alone so they formed a coalition with NZ First and the Greens, and agreed that Winston Peters, the leader of NZ First, would be deputy PM


Birchtooth t1_j0hn36t wrote

New zealander here, constantly surprised that people in other countries think shes great. She has sunk lower in the poles than ever, its hard to find a person on the street thats happy with the current government.

The minister of foreign affairs is literally married to her first cousin and he seems to get a lot of jobs as an expert consultant along with her son/nephew.

Shits all sorts of fucked mate watch almost any interviews she does with a guy called ryan bridges on a show called newshub, they are all on youtube. Hes a local guy so its more of a nz perspective


generally_sane t1_j0hw6ho wrote

I hear you, but that's amateur corruption if it's mostly just about nepotism. Try living in the States for a day to see just how Mad Max our country has become. Nepotism is one of the tiniest crimes our so-called leaders engage in. Come back to play when someone tries to overthrow your government or is accused of any host of crimes, e.g. rape, murder, espionage, gun fetishism, hate crimes, etc. I think many romanticize NZ because 1) we only hear the good stuff and 2) LOTR. Humans are a pretty simplistic species.


AFlawAmended t1_j0hpqw0 wrote

Thank you for your perspective!! Yeah, like I said I hear very little about NZ except for stories like this, breath of fresh air from the hellscape that US politics has become. But yeah, I'll definitely check those out, thanks!!!!


pnutbrutal t1_j0fn051 wrote

Just own it. Pretty good example. Wish we could get leadership like this in more countries!


rfor034 t1_j0hl7sp wrote

I went to school with Seymour. I can see him agreeing to this even though it's about 20 years ago.


Forever_Overthinking t1_j0fjk37 wrote

For anyone confused like me:

>New Zealand PM was caught on hot mic earlier this week with a candid comment about Act party leader David Seymour. An official signed copy of the transcript of New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern calling a political opponent an “arrogant prick” will be auctioned off to raise money for a prostate cancer charity.


techman710 t1_j0eh84i wrote

She seems like a very normal person who is doing her best despite not always getting it right. The US could use 545 of her to replace all 3 branches of our federal government.


Laogama OP t1_j0elow5 wrote

There is also the fact that she is doing this jointly with her political opponent (the 'arrogant prick')


nox_nox t1_j0ew1ft wrote

I wonder if he knows he's an arrogant prick and is like yeaaaa, that's me, sure let's make some dough for charity.


faciepalm t1_j0f2z1c wrote

Not only is it him, it's his entire voter base


Zeddit_B t1_j0gp9rf wrote

He probably knows he's called her just as bad or worse lol. Getting mad about it would just make him look childish.


Hugsy13 t1_j0fsum5 wrote

She’s doesn’t want to surrounded by yes men/women and it’s the right move. Churchill proved this doctrine through and through.


ReadAllAboutIt92 t1_j0g0hzq wrote

If I were a politician (which thankfully is never going to happen) I’d always be way more suspicious of those who agree with me than those who challenge me. I don’t want someone to tell me how brilliant I am, I want someone to come and poke holes in my ideas so that they can be improved.


musci1223 t1_j0h8vvv wrote

Issue is that it is always easier to surround yourself with yes man. It takes active effort to stop that from happening


DSMB t1_j0fthj2 wrote

>She seems like a very normal person who is doing her best despite not always getting it right.

There is so much bullshit in politics, I find myself gravitating more and more towards simple character assessment of prominent figures when forming an opinion of a party.

Since we can't trust anything they say, I will judge their personality and actions instead. People will critique leaders based on certain policies, and this is really important to keep constant pressure on our leaders. However it should not distract us from assessing who is most fit to lead and who will at the least try harder for the people.

Many people think that these seemingly decent people are actually really sneaky and worse than the loud mouthed asshole (not referring to anyone one particular). But I think this is bullshit people convince themselves of to justify their preconceptions.

For example, as an Australian, my opinion of Morrison solidified when he addressed the country during the bushfires. I could see right through his bullshit. He couldn't even fake empathy. He didn't care. It was like he was saying what he thought would sound like he cared. And the evidence continues to mount. Robodebt being a prime example.

With the amount of spotlight politicians get, and sometimes unfiltered social media, they can only fake it so far. We can tell who really cares, and I think (just my opinion of course) we should pay more attention to that human perception.


CCtenor t1_j0gd8cs wrote

Same. While I will listen to policy, I spend most of my time listening to how a candidate acts, forming a character assessment, and voting based on that. At the end of the day, I find I want somebody who embodies what I want to see in a person and/or leader more than somebody who is good at saying all the right things.

Unfortunately, as a left-leaning American in (what I feel is) the most chaotic, stupid, and possibly divided, democratic political system to somehow manage to stay together (so far!) in the modern, western, world, a character assessment of a candidate often means checking how often they repeat directly harmful rhetoric, and lies, about minority groups, when platforming their politics.

Needless to say, most of the time, I’m voting a straight ticket in one specific direction, to avoid putting people into office who believe that, say, they can see Russia from their house, women’s bodies have “ways to shut it [rape] down”, or their grandparents were “good at nuclear”, and less so who has better policy. At least there is a correlation between lying, and having bad/no policy, seems a bit correlated still.


The_Scourge t1_j0homnr wrote

Scomo acts like he's God's gift and it's true for the Labor party. So many generational liberal voters tolerated Howard and Trumble but shit no one outside of Hillsong could justify just how inhuman Scotty From Marketing proved to be. That handshake he forced on that poor woman who refused to shake his hand after the fires was the perfect snapshot of a complete arsehole. As a reluctant Shirey I know the Engadine Maccas story is probably bullshit but at this point who cares? Not like believing it changes what a sociopathic bastard he really is.


ApatheticWithoutTheA t1_j0fbpdq wrote

I don’t live there but I love everything about this woman lol


ClammyVagikarp t1_j0fq7xs wrote

Too bad you don't. They don't like her. She did a phenomenal job doing covid, but since we're past that they remembered why they dont like her.


DSMB t1_j0fu5nz wrote


There's always someone in the comments of an Ardern post pretending the whole country doesn't like her.

While party support shows dim prospects, she is still the preferred prime minister.


ClammyVagikarp t1_j0fwydp wrote

You know they vote for a party instead of a prime minister in the westminister system right? Why am i bothering. She speaks redditor language and gets worshipped like a goddess here. And schroedingers redditors are simultaneously representing the overwhelming majority and are an oppressed minority.


daskeleton123 t1_j0glp2v wrote

You don’t vote for a party you vote for a representative.


Sherbert42 t1_j0hduhm wrote

We do both! MMP gives us 2 votes, one for our local MP and the other for a party.


ripyourlungsdave t1_j0g9zdu wrote

See? This is how you deal with scandals like this. I'll take this over a 15 minute, soul-less apology any day.


Saelred- t1_j0fx0l4 wrote

Yer I like this, he knows he is an arrogant prick, and is not afraid to admit it. Good sport.


FrankDrakman t1_j0hhxj8 wrote

She gets to make a joke about it, and gets a pass. If someone had called her the equivalent, say a "stupid c*nt", he would be immediately cancelled.


LenTheListener t1_j0icdjn wrote

Yeah this is a bad look.

She shouldn't be defenestrated for a hot mic accident but we shouldn't glorify referring to your opponents with that type of language.


DarkMatterBacon t1_j0htexe wrote

Stupid bitch .. . Just doing my part for charity


osogordo t1_j0fmqf7 wrote

I'd buy the NFT for a good cause.


GongPLC t1_j0gdhez wrote

Or you could buy the physical transcript for a good cause because it didn't happen in a digital world.


NorthernSchmuck1867 t1_j0hsujk wrote

She should auction off the horse teeth.


northcrunk t1_j0fmnez wrote

She's a weird bird


the_Earl_Of_Grey_ t1_j0ftx4a wrote

Is this a bad kiwi joke?


Riff316 t1_j0gpuxs wrote

Or just an outdated an sexist way of referring to a woman? Or both!


When_3_become_2 t1_j1g4pc9 wrote

That bad but calling a man a prick is good and not sexist?


Riff316 t1_j1g5blk wrote

Yes. You’re right. Men are very oppressed and constantly assaulted by words.


When_3_become_2 t1_j1gfosy wrote

Yes any time a woman is sexist to a man you may excuse it by using the buzz word “oppressed” lol


CablePicker t1_j0f45af wrote

This woman could take a dump on stage and reddit would swoon over her.


Youareobscure t1_j0f5jaa wrote

I guess you have some strong opinions about her


pizzanice t1_j0fl62c wrote

And some weirdly aggressive stance against her pooping on stage


Redoran_simp t1_j0i4d8o wrote

Idk about you but I'm usually aggressively against people shitting on stages.


Rod_Munch666 t1_j0ew3mn wrote

She is heading in the same direction as Tony Blair .... see ya later .......